The Party

The crowd gathered around my naked wife was finished. She was

extremely exhausted after masturbating in front of the forty-seven men, many

of which were total strangers. The huge black dildo, dripping with her

aromatic white cum, attested to her many pleasurable orgasms. Lying there in

the middle of the king sized bed surrounded by dozens of shriveled balls, she

knew that each and every orgasm sprayed into the clear plastic enema bag was

done in her honor.

Forty seven cum shots would have been plenty for her carnal purpose,

but because of the sheer eroticism of the situation, at least seventeen of

them had lined up at the bag to dump a second load, and four actually came

back for a third eruption!

My wife Cyndi loves being the center of attention. She has a large

circle of friends and acquaintances who worship her fleshy assets. She had

long ago grown to love all of her curves as much as I do and in the process,

has allowed me to videotape her having sex with an ever expanding group of

men. The tape that I made tonight was certain to be a hard-core blockbuster.

Cyndi has starred in many amateur porn movies, most of which serve as

ice-breakers at our local swing group. The action that I filmed tonight was

one that she had dreamed of producing for a long time. It wasn't until now

that she had enough men to make the movie possible. Her friends volunteered

to bring along anyone interested in donating some hot sperm to be used in our

extremely kinky movie. The rest of the men present answered the ad on the

bulletin board down at our local XXX movie store.

The ad read: Studs wanted. Must be well hung with large loads and not be

camera shy. Nympho slut needs your cum for amateur porn production. Phone


When the studs arrived at the house, in singles and in groups, they

were greeted at the door by a very excited woman. Cindi was ready for sex!

In addition to the heavy eye make-up that I love to see, she wore her sexiest

fuck perfume splashed far up underneath the warm folds of her large sagging


As for clothes, what little she wore was all in black. Her heaving

mounds of tit-flesh were encased in a custom made black brassiere designed to

expose maximum cleavage. The cups had large cut-outs from which her hard,

half inch nipples protruded sensuously. Her blouse was of black lace

material that left very little to the imagination. Cindi's blouse was tucked

into a black leather micro-mini skirt that literally was stretching at the

seams in a futile attempt to keep her gorgeous fat ass inside. Underneath

her slutty little skirt, she wore no panties (of course) to cover the fleshy

folds of her bald cunt. Instead, black lace garters peaked out from under

her skirt hem and were fastened to her black fish-net stockings. Her black

stiletto heels pushed up her heavy legs into her plush hips, accentuating the

lovely bulk of her ass cheeks. Everyone assembled agreed that this horny

babe was indeed a carnal delight.

When the last of the gang arrived, Cindi led the pack of horny studs

upstairs and into our bedroom where I was waiting with my cameras. Our

bedroom is well equipped for sexual entertainment. There are mirrors on the

ceiling and on the wall at the head of the bed. Along one wall, a 36 inch

television set is hooked up to the VCR and was playing erotic highlights from

previous sexual encounters with Cindi�s other friends. One hot film clip

followed the next: Cindi on the receiving end of a seven man gang-band; on

her knees and spreading her ass cheeks to accept a huge, ass-splitting black

cock; and Cindi flat on her back with her legs spread skyward in locked ankle

cuffs at the center of a circle-jerk with all six men erupting simultaneously

into her anxious waiting mouth. In each clip, Cindi does her best to hold

eye contact with the camera because she loves being videotaped during sex.

Tonight�s filming started when she removed her blouse and high heels

before jumping up onto the bed, gyrating wantonly as she teased the crowd

with her sex. Her hormones flowing as freely as her cunt juices, she

stripped down to her garter belt and stockings, then she lied down on the bed

with her toys.

They gathered around our bed as she filled their eyes with the

incredible sight of her tits heaving back and forth as she slowly inserted

her mammoth dildo into the creamy depths of her pulsating fuck hole. Her

sexy tit flesh began to heave violently as the dildo increased the tempo of

its� strokes. Each time that she was about to orgasm, she would grip the

dildo with her pussy lips and then spread her fat ass-cheeks as far apart as

possible. Next, she would jam a more human sized pink vibrator up her tight

anus and hold it there as it worked its� quivering magic. As her climax

approached, the fleshy rolls of her thighs and tummy would undulate in

perfect time with her rapidly flopping chest until she screamed out her

intense pleasure. After a short breather, she would then pull the near

buried dildo out of her cunt and begin slowly working the gooey monster

until another orgasm approached.

After each of her climaxes, several of the naked stallions closest

to the edge of the bed stroking their meat would approach eruption and have

to hurry over to the headboard. Here, a funnel was positioned over an enema

bag and Cindi would suck one throbbing cock after another, finishing each off

by carefully directing their spurting loads into the enema bag.

It made her feel so sexy to see those orgasms splashing one after

another into her bag that it just made her pump her sex lips all the more

urgently. For each of her orgasms, it seemed that about 8 or 9 men were

lined up for relief. About the time that Cindi began to weaken from her many

multiple orgasms, she noticed that some of the cocks up at the bag were

repeat offenders. While their loads were smaller the second time around,

just the fact that they were back for a second eruption was enough to

reconfirm her sexual attractiveness and get that monster cock ravaging her

hole with renewed vigor.

When it seemed that she couldn�t possibly coax another orgasm from

her quivering slit, she recognized that some of the cocks showing up for her

attention were there for the third time. Incredibly, when the last four sets

of balls were presented for a third milking, two of the studs produced larger

eruptions than their first two trips combined!

In all, 68 very intense orgasms spewed over a half a quart of milky

white urgency into her enema bag. If we had recruited another 9 or 10 cocks,

it is likely that her bag would be overflowing. Though the enema bag was not

full, her gaping cunt soon would be.

It was at this point that I handed the camera duties over to one of

the men who had agreed to finish the filming. I went over to Cindi and

carefully removed the funnel from the bag, making sure that every last drop

of cock juice had dripped from the funnel into the open bag. Next, I took a

couple of pillows and placed them under Cindi�s elevated ass and then put a

black satin sheet over the pillows. After Cindi lowered her beautiful fat

ass onto the pillows, I inserted the enema nozzle deep within her pulsating

vagina. My own rock-hard penis was dripping with pre-cum as I slowly began

to drain the sperm bag into her thirsty slit.

By now a few die hard cocks in the audience were twitching back to

life. They would be the icing on the cake if they could coax another load

before the filming was over.

As the depths of Cindi�s pussy began to fill up with the massive

loads, she had to tug on her cunt lips and lift them in an attempt to keep

from spilling any of the precious seed. A guttural growl was soon coming

from the back of her throat as she could feel the approach of another orgasm

brought on by the intense eroticism of having her sex cavity filled in such a

depraved manner. With her heavy legs splayed wide open, I had to stop

draining the cum into her hole every few minutes in order for the goo to

finish settling into the depths of her scarlet gash.

After about 10 minutes, my shaking hands had finished squeezing the

last of the semen from the scalding bag into her sex hole. The camera lens

was zoomed in tight on her cunt as I withdrew the enema nozzle. With the

nozzle pulled out, a big bubble formed in the warm depths of Cindi�s pussy.

The bubble gurgled and popped up to the surface of her sex lips, sending a

shock wave of pleasure to her quivering clitoris

The camera was focused on her elevated cunt, looking down into the

creamy depths of that hot pool of jism. Any cum that escaped from her slit

during the procedure was quickly lapped up by my eager tongue.

Cindi, myself, the camera man and the whole crowd of semi-hard cock

meat were ready for the climax of the film! With the camera a few feet away

from Cindi�s wide open cunt, I removed my clothing and stood astride the

splayed open legs of this graphically exposed slut-woman. Like a high

diver, my cock prepared to make the plunge into that sweet pool of steaming

orgasms. Tension mounted as I slowly lowered my cock towards her pleading

pussy. Strands of pre-cum were hanging from the tip of my cock to Cindi�s

creamy lips, helping to guide my throbbing meat towards its� gooey


The crowd shouted encouragement as my manhood touched the target and

then disappeared into the creamy wetness of male ejaculate. As my cock

submerged into Cindi�s liquid sex, the milky jism overflowed her lips before

running down the folds of her ass cheeks, past her anus and finally pooled in

the creases of the black satin sheet. Cindi screamed with pleasure as I began

thrusting motions and plunged ever deeper into the creamy recesses of her

molten cunt. A river of orgasms were now cascading down Cindi�s fat ass

cheeks as I was about to bury my shaft in her fuck-hole right up to my

balls. As my scrotum touched her asshole, a loud farting sound emitted from

deep within her gurgling cunt, spewing hot strands of thick ejaculate that

splashed against my balls before dripping back on to her massive thighs.

Cindi�s heavy hips began to buck to a shuddering climax and with it

bringing my ecstasy to near peak. Just as I was about to shoot my wad, I

pulled my cock out of her creamy pussy to reveal a tidal wave of cum

encrusting my pubic hair, balls, and the entire length of my manhood.

Cindi�s gaping cunt, ass cheeks and thighs were also completely matted with

this same thick juice. With the tip of my cock poised about an inch over her

weary cunt, I erupted with my own overwhelming blast. Spurt after spurt

erupted from my pulsating cock, combining with the copious ejaculate already

covering Cindi�s fleshy thighs and tummy.

After my balls were completely spent, Cindi and I quickly re-arranged

ourselves into our favorite position, the old 69. She lowered her drenched

cunt onto my waiting tongue and in turn began to lap up the jism from my cock

and scrotum. Load after creamy load oozed from the depths of her gaping

sex-hole into my awaiting mouth before a virtual river of male lust

disappeared down my throat.

By now, a handful of newly engorged cocks were being primed for

ejaculation. Several men had climbed up on the bed and squatted over top of

Cindi and I. Rapidly stroking their fuck-meat, cocks were soon spewing white

hot bursts of desire onto our extended tongues.

We awoke two or three hours later. The group had all gone home,

leaving us glued together by the copious amounts of dried or sticky cum.

After slowly pulling our naked bodies apart, we rewound the videotape,

watched it as we masturbated, and then fell asleep for the night.

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