Best LAID Plans

When I awoke this particular Saturday morning, I

felt it was to be something special. The day was to be warm

and sunny until the afternoon, the kids were off with their

grandmother for the weekend and although my wife was to

be working all day and not due home until around 6:00 PM

, she and I planned to dine out , see a movie and then to the

neighborhood bar for drinks. I knew that this evening

would end like numerous others with us racing home to

"get it on" fucking and sucking until 3 or 4 in the


This was indeed special as we have not had a

weekend to ourselves in about a month and we are

confined to our bedroom for sex when the children

(teenagers) are at home. Also, I was not going to allow the

chance of late afternoon thunderstorms or the fact that my

lovely wife had to work deter my opportunity to sunbathe,

read and otherwise relax at the local beach.

This beach, by a river, is only about 600 ft. long but is quite

nice as the city has brought in sand for the shore and built a

very nice boat ramp and concession stand complete with a

shower and restrooms. The adjacent area has tennis courts

and volleyball courts that stay in use with young coed

hardbodies. I have often watched the flirting performed by

the girls and guys and wondered who might be fucking who

after the games. Oh well, let me get back to my story. I

arrived about 10:30 to find the beach not very busy, I then

remembered that there was a day long festival in the

downtown area of the city . I was somewhat disappointed

by not having a number of sunbathers and young mothers to

watch as I relaxed in the sun.

After careful assessment of the existing sunbathers,

I placed my beach chair for the most advantageous views of

them. I then settled down with my cooler and book for the

day. As I looked slightly to my right, I could see a lovely

young lady, tanned, high cut bikini,with long, smooth legs

turn on her blanket. Close by was an attractive elderly lady

sitting in her chair, sunning herself while reading a

magazine. She looked right good in her black one piece

swimsuit with little skirt. I noticed she had caught the eye

of a senior citizen who was just staring at her as he sat in

his lawn chair. He was dressed in bermuda shorts and had

white knee socks and black dress shoes, I must say he

looked somewhat out of place but I chuckled at his

determination to meet a new friend. Right on!! A very large

lady was to my left, a couple of pretty teenage girls lay on

a blanket nearby, a muscular young man in a turquoise

brief style swimsuit lay on his stomach as he read and a

young lady that appeared as if she may have just completed

her morning run was laying on her back on a beach towel.

Now she was indeed something to see... very large breast,

with very large erect nipples that kept me from reading a

page in my book...I just kept staring at those nipples

imagining their color, texture and taste. She knew my gaze

was fixed upon her breasts but did not change her position

for which I was grateful. There were a few other folks

within my view and probably another 20 - 30 folks behind

me. I was settled in a great location for all I wanted to do!

It was great...watching all the young beauties as they lay in

the sun, drinking a few cold beers from my cooler and

occasionally reading a page from my book. About noon, I

turned to lay on my stomach and looked in the opposite

direction to see a 20 something young lady laying within

eight feet of me in such a position that I could see the lips

of her cunt outlined perfectly in her tight, high cut bright

yellow bikini. I started to get hard just looking at her. Well

, she soon got up to visit the concession stand and I began

reading my book and then drifted off to sleep.

I awoke when I felt drops of rain on my back. The

sky was turning dark and it looked as if the forecast would

be accurate today . I noticed most of the folks had already

left the beach as I gathered my stuff . After putting my

things in the trunk of my car I decided to use the restroom

before the trip home, my bladder was full and since it was

starting to rain I walked quickly to the men's room. Just as

I pulled up to the urinal I heard the door open and someone

walk to the adjacent urinal but seemed to be maybe a step

back from the bowl to relieve themselves. We finished

about the same time and turned toward each other to tuck

ourselves in our swimsuits. I could not believe my eyes!

Right in front of me was without a doubt the biggest dick I

have ever seen. I did a double take, my jaw dropped, my

eyes open wide and I then said , without thinking or

hesitation, "Wow that is one beautiful dick !! I don't think

I have ever seen one that big". He said " yea, men and

women alike have told me it is pretty awesome". I felt

somewhat self conscious of my 3" long by 1 1/2" diameter

soft dick that I knew was 6" by 2" when hard as I watched

this young man carefully lay his soft 10" by 3" diameter in

the fold of his right leg and pull his tight turquoise brief

style swimsuit over it and then make slight adjustments for

comfort. I was amazed by this big, beautiful dick .He was

hung like a pony. Anyway, I turned and walked to the

door, opened it to leave but stopped abruptly as the rain

was now just pouring down. The fellow came up to the

door and we just stood there watching it rain for a few

seconds when he asked where my car was parked. He

suggested that he could drive me across the parking lot to

my car as his van was right there by the restroom door. We

ran and jumped in the van and he passed a towel to me to

dry the rain from my body. As he drove to my car I could

not take my eyes off of his dick. The outline of its head and

the outline of its tube were very clear in his tight swimsuit.

He suggested that I wait for the rain to slack-up before

getting into my car and then cut off his motor, pushed back

his seat and turned slightly to talk. I was having "rushes"

just looking at his dick. My mouth went dry, my heart was

pounding and I just didn't hear much of his small talk when

I asked if I might see his dick again. Without a word, he

lifted up and pulled his swimsuit down, freeing his tool

from its confinement. I just stared as he held it out for a

better view. I was mesmerized as it began to grow harder,

longer and thicker. I just could not believe it, face to face

with what reminded me of a large snake as it bobbed and

waved side to side and up and down as it grew. The snake

was charming the charmer. Then I did the most compelling

thing I have ever done in my 52 years, I leaned over and

kissed the head, first once on the side of the head, then

another small, sucking type of kiss, then another, another,

then I started licking the head, then the shaft, back to the

head, the crown, the shaft, head, the underside, the tube,

the shaft, the head, the crown, the head and then I went to

the hole. It was running with his pre-cum and I tasted

another mans cum for the first time since I experimented as

a young teen. I thought I was going to go crazy!...the bitter

sweet taste of his cum drove me to a frenzy, I started

licking, sucking and kissing in ways that were wild and

new to me and I was loving it! I was slowly attempting to

put the head in my mouth and after many attempts, finally

stretched over the crown to only have it stop against the

roof of my mouth. While in that position, I put both of my

hands on the shaft and began to stroke it , I noted that my

fingers would not even meet around his thick , hard shaft. I

had to stop sucking as my jaws ached from the stretching...

I apologized for my inability to suck him off. He suggested

that we get in a seat in the middle of the van, a large swivel

captain style and quickly we moved there, moving the arms

out of the way, locking the swivel and putting the seat back

in the completely reclined position, put down a beach towel

for us to lay on and we both then lay "spooned" on our

sides. His dick was between my legs and was longer than

my 6 inches that was now hard as a rock. He started

massaging my butt and soon moved to my asshole. With a

tube of lubricant he kept in the pocket of the seat, he

started to insert first one finger, then another in me and I

was liking every minute of it,. I steadily stroked his meat

with one hand and kept tasting his pre cum as it leaked out

with my other . Soon he had three fingers in me and

announced for me to be still and try to push back as he held

his dick in place. At first it went well but suddenly I

experienced the most piercing pain that I had ever

experienced. He stopped pushing and just kept saying to

relax , don't move, everything was OK and that in just a

minute it would be different. Boy was he right, the pain

subsided, he started pushing his way in me and I was

eagerly pushing back to meet him...I was in ecstasy.. I came

before he was completely in and wanted more did he ..

I pushed back to meet him, he pushed to drive deeper into

me, he played with my dick and rubbed my cum over my

chest, nipples and reached up to even let me suck some

from his fingers... I thought I would lose my mind and then

I felt his balls against my upper thigh and I realized he was

fucking me with a 13" dick... I felt him tense up, I was now

hard again, I could feel his come spurting up his tube and I

came again... all this within about 30 minutes. He held me

and told me to be still while he pulled out , a slow process

as to not hurt me and he again rubbed my cum over me

and let me taste it . In a few minutes with his pulling and

my pushing , that huge dick was free. A pleasure - pain

experience that I was still reeling over.

He told me that my stretched hole would spring

back into shape in about 24 hours and gave me a panty

liner to put in my swimsuit to catch the cum that would be

slowly leaking from me. He was surely experienced in

these matters. We talked as we wound down from the

fucking and sucking and I learned that having such a large

dick was a curse and a blessing. For example he told me

that he has never had a blowjob, only handjobs while the

head was in their mouth, that he was 19 before he had his

first piece of pussy and that was with his thirty-five year

old English teacher because his dates could not or would

not even take the tip of this massive dick. He told me that

hookers wanted to charge him double because he would

stretch them and they could not make as many tricks...oh

poor thing... I would change places any day.

I began to stoke him as we talked for awhile...I

suggested that he just might be at the bar tonight when I

arrived with my wife and maybe he might get lucky again. I

then set the plan in action...nothing could be mentioned

about today ... we decided how we knew each I

would invite him over for a nightcap...putting skinflicks in

the VCR...and maybe just maybe something might happen.

My stroking and the talk of his fucking my wife really

turned him on ,he soon sent gobs of cum out of his tube

that dripped over my hand. I licked it off and then got the

rest of it as it slid down his shaft.. It was delicious !

After arriving home, I soaked in the bathtub for

more than thirty minutes in steaming hot water and

developed my plan for later. My wife arrived home on

schedule , showered and got ready for our evening. While

she dressed, I told her things we might do tonight when we

got home...just to begin that "fucking" state of mind. Well,

we ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant , went to the

movies and then to our local bar for drinks. It was packed,

I looked around to find my new friend right where I had

suggested, standing at one of those tall tables. After a few

moments, I acted as if I had just spied him and went over to

say hello, he then invited us to stand at his table as he was

alone and quickly scooted a tall bar stool for my wife to

use. The introductions went well, the small talk was good

and we were soon inviting him to our house for a nightcap.

( So far...So good , I thought as I could feel my dick

starting to stir from the anticipation )

When we pulled into the driveway, I told my wife

that we would have just one or two drinks so we could be

fucking the night away right after he left. She smiled and

pulled my hand over to touch her through her panties. She

was juicy already!! We went straight to the den where I

had queued the hottest video that I owned, a John Holmes

montage of fucking in practically every position

imaginable, plenty of cum shots and sights of dicks, tits,

pussies and ass that would leave anyone alive hot and ready

for some fucking. My wife fixed a round of drinks as we

watched Holmes cum for the first time. The conversation

soon turned to "size"...the size of tits...the big, beautiful tits

and the "bubble" of beautiful asses seemed to be

"designer" made...but that big dicks were real. We

surmised this as so few dicks were as big as the one we

were watching. After several cum shots we had finished

our drinks, my wife got up and excused herself to go to the

restroom so that I might show my friend out but paused to

ask me if I had seen "cuzz". Now "cuzz" was the buzzword

we used for this 9 X 3 inch strap on dildo that I would use 3

or 4 times a year to fill my wives' pussy. I thought I was

going to cum right then...this was going better than

planned. I told her that I had indeed seen him and that he

was in town and that maybe we could get up with him later.

She then turned to go to master bathroom adjacent to our

bedroom and I stood with my friend as if to go to the door.

When she was out of sight, I told my friend what to do...

wait 15 minutes and come to the bedroom completely

undressed and hard as a rock...not to say anything and not

to make any sounds... and to follow my lead and

instructions...if he were to do so that it would be a winning

situation for all of us. He agreed and I went to the bedroom,

turned down the lights, lit some candles, undressed ,

strapped on the cuzz and went over to our king-size bed

where my wife waited for me, undressed with just a sheet

over her body. Soft music was playing and things were just

right for fucking the night fantastic. I told her to shut her

eyes and relax, I moved to her and started to kiss her

passionately on her lips, cheek, eyes, neck, ears, breast ,

down her abs, down to her hairline and then to her inner

thighs, all the while kneading her breast and pulling at the

lips of her pussy. Her juices are flowing and I notice a wet

spot on the sheets as pull her over to the edge of the bed to

let her legs hang off the side. I do this when we use the

dildo so that I can control the depth of penetration as I fuck

her while I am standing. I then go down on her, tasting her

juices and start fucking her with my fingers, first two, then

three and four as she gets ready to accommodate the cuzz.

I then start talking to her as I fuck her with my hand..." do

you want my big dick?...Uh? ...Uh?... " "yes ...yes" she

replies...Do you think you can take it? Its real big.. When I

finish with you , no man will be able to satisfy you...what

will you do then?..."Yes , yes, fuck me with your big dick!!

fuck me now with your big dick!!... Then I rise as if I am

going to put the head in her pussy when I see my friend

standing there with his dick glistening with his pre cum... I

grab his dick , move out of the way and put his dick right to

her cunt.

I say again..."do you want my big dick now? are you

sure ?"..."yes, put it in , fuck me , fuck me with your dick!!

I did not have to coach him any more...he was already

about 6" in her when I asked again..."more? you want more

of this dick or do you want to back out now?... "no, fuck

me , fuck me harder , I love your big dick, fuck me, yes

fuck me harder!!" He was now in 9 - 10 inches, "No Mans

Land", that place where no man has ever been before, she

was screaming and thrusting and yelling to be fucked even


He now had hit bottom, it looked like maybe she

had 12 inches of his dick up her industrial strength cunt!

she has just thrusting and yelling to be fucked and fucked

harder as she came and came and came again and then

went limp, exhausted from the fucking that she had just

had. I motioned for him to pull out and move back so I

could hold her in my arms as she lay resting. I soon put a

cover over her to keep her warm as she drifted into bliss. I

then quietly went back to the den where my friend had

already gone. He was dressed and ready to leave when I got

there. He thanked me for a wonderful day and said he

hoped we could do this again. I indicated my desire to meet

again and as he walked to his car to leave, I began to plan

some sort of replay. I got a rush just thinking about it.

When I went back to the bedroom, I could see the

cum just oozing from my wives pussy and just as

compulsively as I had acted earlier, I went down on her as

she slept and licked, sucked and ate her out, trying to get all

of his cum. She awoke from my actions, saw that I was

hard and pulled me on top of her, inserting my dick in her

cunt and proceeded to fuck my brains out. After I unloaded

my cum into her pussy, we fell to sleep in each others arms

exhausted and in total bliss. What a day!!!

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