Afternoon in the Booth

It all began innocently enough. My husband, Jack, and I were driving home

from a party. We both had drunk enough that we were feeling relaxed. Though

not exactly newlyweds, we still get frisky and I was feeling warm this night.

As we drove on the interstate home, I leaned against Jack and said that I

couldn't wait to get home. "What are you going to do first?" he asked. I

allowed how I was looking forward to getting out of these clothes. "Why

wait?' he asked as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Though

I had never done anything outside the house before, I decided to play his

little game. I reached down and unbuttoned my blouse. Jack's eye were having

a hard time sticking to the road. I pulled my blouse out of my skirt and

removed. I leaned against Jack and could tell from his bulge that he was

having fun. The funny thing was that I was enjoying this little game too.

Jack asked, "You're not done yet are you?" A challenge like that couldn't

go unanswered. I reached behind my back and unfastened my bra. I lowered

it to my lap. Jack's eye nearly bugged out when he looked over and saw my

naked breasts in the passing cars headlight. I leaned against him and he

put his hand around me and grab my right breast and started playing. By the

time we arrived home, we were both so excited that we didn't even make it out

of the garage.

That was our first experience with exhibition. Over the next few months,

we experimented with it a few times. Jack talked me into flashing truckers my

tits a couple of times. At home, Jack bought a Polaroid camera and made me

his star model. I didn't mind to much (if the truth be told, I usually

enjoyed and I always enjoyed the lovemaking after a session) as long as he

promised to keep the pictures private and we didn't do anything to near to

home. I didn't want one of our little games coming home to haunt us. I

would indulge him by wearing sexy clothes out but only if we were out of

town. Jack really enjoyed other men looking at me on these trips.

One day, he came home from a business trip and he was more intense then

usually. He told me he had found a little adult book store just off the main

interchange. He said they had peep show movies and books(he had a package

with some "swinger's magazines" and one with amateur pictures. He also told

me they had a stripper booth. We read the magazines and Jack tried to talk me

into trading pictures with some couples in the magazines. I was unwilling and

said that as long as it was safe (like at home or out of town), I didn't mind

playing games but to send pictures to unknown people was too much (not to

mention meet them later on). Jack pouted for a couple days but by the

weekend, he seemed ready to forget the whole thing.

He suggested a ride out of town. I knew what he wanted and figured since

I had rained on his parade earlier, that I would try to make it up to him this

weekend. I put on a pair of shorts and a halter with nothing on underneath.

Once we were out on the road, I started teasing Jack but dropping and then

retying the halter. He was getting an eyeful and I even let a trucker get a

good view too. Jack pulled off at an exit and then pulled into a parking lot.

He had driven us up to the adult book store that he had visited on his trip.

I really didn't want to go in as I figured it would be the raincoat crowd and

figured I would be conspicuous as the only female there. Jack pleaded and I


We entered through the double doors into a room that was poorly lit and

had racks with magazine all over them. An overweight guy leaned from behind

the counter looked down from the TV at us as we entered, then returned to his

show. Another guy scurried down a hallway into a booth to watch a peep show.

A girl sat on a bar stool near the counter watching the TV also. She was

dressed in a robe and had light brown hair. Jack said that he wanted us to

watch the stripper together. We went to the booth and the girl got off the

stool and started to go for the back entrance. We closed and locked the door

to the booth and Jack pulled out a roll of quarters. Just like Jack to always

be prepared. The booth was dark with a board that ran the width of the booth

at the back that served as a seat. By the machine that quarters were put in

was a roll of toilet paper. It was dingy and sort of forbidden. A large

window with a curtain was opposite the seat and would serve as the stage. A

slot with a sign that said "Tips" was near the window. Jack dropped some

quarters in the machine and a light came on behind the curtain. The girl we

had seen as we entered pulled the curtain away and was dressed in a teddy.

The robe was in a pile on a seat in the back next to a tape player. She

picked up a phone and pointed to the phone near the tip slot. Jack picked it

up and held it between us so that we could both hear. She said that here name

was Carol. She said that the quarters paid for the lights (3 minutes for a

quarters) but that the dancers worked for tips. She said that it cost $10.00

for her to dance topless, $20.00 to dance totally nude, $25.00 for spreads, or

$35.00 for the deluxe package with insertion. She said that as there was two

of us, she would want extra. Jack pulled out a fifty and asked for the

complete show. She hung up the phone as Jack put the money in the slot and

turned on the tape player. Music with a strong beat came on and she started

swaying here hips to the music. She reached in front and undid some buttons

on the front. She turned around and shook her behind at us and reached for

the straps on the teddy. Jack sat on the bench and pulled me down on his lap.

I could tell he was enjoying the show and I was beginning to get excited.

Carol, with her back to the window, lowered the teddy and stepped out of it.

She was wearing a G-string and the string was up in her crack. She turned

around and put her hands under her breasts to offer them to us. She came up

to the window and rubbed them against the glass. They began to become erect.

She had dark brown nipples that were quick large on what I would guess would

be a 34B chest. Jack reached around and start fondling my breasts and the

untied the halter top and lowered it. At first, I started to object (I'd

flashed men before but never women), but Carol gave me a friendly wink so I

decided to enjoy. As Carol tweaked and pulled on her nipples, Jack mimicked

her actions on me. Carol turned her back to us again and pointed her behind

at us. She reached to her hips and rolled the G-string down and stepped out

of it. She kept her behind pointed at us swaying to the music. The she

grabbed each cheek and pulled them apart. She turn around and did a bump and

grind with her hips. She had a dark bush a the top of her V. As she moved

her hips, I could see that her actual pussy was shaved clean. Jack reached

down my waist and opened the waist on my shorts. He reached in to find my

steaming pot. One of his hands stayed on my right beast while the other sank

into my hole. Carol started spreading here pussy lips and Jack continued to

finger me. I lifted my hips and Jack lowered my shorts and I kicked them off.

He didn't allow me to resume sitting in his lap until he had a chance to lower

his pants and shorts to his ankles. I sat back down and he held his dick

between my thighs. Carol gave us a smile and reached back to chair with here

robe on it. She pulled out a vibrator and a dildo and walked back to the

front of the booth. She dropped her toys and sat down next to the window.

She laid down on her back and put her butt right up to the window with her

legs straight up in the air against the glass. Jack continued to stroke his

coke between my thighs without inserting it. Carol picked up the vibrator and

put it in her mouth like she was sucking it. Then she pulled it out slowly

and reached down and put it in her box. Jack matched her by inserting his

swollen head into my hot box. Carol squirmed and stroked the vibrator in and

out of her box. She looked like she was having a great time (I wasn't doing

to bad myself). She clearly was excited and juices were running down her

thigh. She eventually pulled out the vibrator and set it aside. She picked

up the dildo, an extremely large model, and sucked on that too. I noticed she

didn't get put it in very far as it was at least 15 inches long and about 6

inches in diameter. She then placed that at the entrance to her pussy and rub

it around to get her juices on it. I looked up at Jack and he had this starry

eyed stare. He was feeling larger than usual and was stroking his dick slowly

in and out. Carol had finally inserted the full length of the dildo in and

was sliding it in and out of her pussy. She reached behind her and pulled a

pillow out. She placed it under her rear and hiked her pussy even higher in

the air. She then reached back and picked up the vibrator. She put it at the

entrance of her ass hole. She then slowly inserted it up. I could hardly

believe my eyes. I had heard of anal sex but always thought that it was

probably painful. Carol did not look like she was in much pain though as she

worked both the vibrator with one hand and the dildo with the other. Jack

reached under me and put his ring finger up my anus. I thought I would be

upset but I was too busy exploding. Carol was getting frantic with the dildo.

She inserted the vibrator up her ass and was now using both hands on the

dildo. It was becoming a blur and I could tell she had completely forgotten

about her audience. Jack pushed me over onto the floor (never removing his

dick) on my hands and knees and started pumping furiously into me. My face

was inches away from Carol's gyrating hips and I saw her juices exploding

around the huge dildo. I could feel the stick y floor on my hands and knees

but was too far gone myself to care. Carol suddenly stopped and was still for

a minute. She opened her eyes and I think it was the first she realized where

we ended up. She picked up the phone and signalled to Jack to do the same.

He was getting close to the point of no return but still managed to reach for

the phone. She said something and Jack shook his head yes and dropped the

phone. He pushed extra deep and I knew he was about to shoot. Suddenly,

he pulled put and started shooting all over my backside. Carol, still sitting

there with the dildo and vibrator inserted, watched intently as he shot all

over my back. We had never done that before but in the dingy booth, it

somehow seemed right to make the act so depraved. We all just stayed still

for a minute and breathed heavy as we slowly returned back to earth. Carol

again signaled to the pick up the phone and Jack reached over and picked up.

He leaned forward over by back and put it between us again. Carol said that

usually her customers came first, not her and that she had enjoyed the show.

Jack replaced the phone and stood up and pulled me up. I grabbed my clothes

as he pulled me up. Jack pulled his shorts and pants back up and took some

toilet paper and started cleaning up my back. I realized what a mess I must

look, all sweaty and slimy. I put my shorts back on and retied the halter.

It was obviously stained from the floor. Carol had also gotten up put on

her teddy again and was putting her robe back on. Jack put another twenty in

the tip slot and gave her a thumbs up which she smiled at. I sat down on the

bench as the lights went out in Carol's part of the booth. Jack came and sat

beside me as I tried to regain my strength to stand. He asked me what I

thought about the show and I gave him a smile and asked what he thought I

thought. As we exited the booth, Carol was already sitting on her stool. She

looked about and shared a secret smile with us. The fat man behind the

counter gave a double take when he saw me with my stained halter and sweaty

face. Jack took me over to the counter and pointed to a dildo similar to the

one Carol had used. He asked if I wanted one like it and I turned beet red

but shook my head up and down. Jack bought while I avoided the eye of the fat

man as he pulled it of the case and wrapped it. Carol caught my eye and gave

a little laugh and a lewd wink. I exited as quickly as possible after Jack

was done but drew a couple more stares from customers in the peep show


Once we were in the car, Jack pulled me close and kissed me hard. He said

that I was the most incredible women in the world. He drove down the street

and pulled into a motel. He checked in while I waited in the car (I still

looked like a hooker who had just escaped an orgy). The desk clerk didn't

even wonder why we didn't have any luggage. Once in the room, Jack turned

the air conditioning up while I headed to the bathroom. I took the halter

off and cleaned it as best I could in the sink. I hung it on the towel rack

and turned the shower up extra hot. It felt so good to climb under the warm

jets. I toweled off and joined Jack back in the room. He quickly pulled the

towel from me and pulled me to the bed. We made slow and passionate love and

then fell asleep in each others arms.

We awoke latter in the evening hungry. Jack called the local pizza

delivery (my clothes still hadn't dried and I didn't really want to get

dressed anyways). When the delivery boy arrived, I got up to go into the

bathroom so Jack could get the door. Jack asked me why bother? So I reclined

back on the bed while Jack went and opened the door. The boy was about 16 and

pimply faced. He nearly dropped the pizza when he saw me. He just stared as

Jack paid him. I don't think he even counted the money. Jack and both

laughed as he closed the door in his face and returned to bed with the pizza

and sodas.

He fed me a piece while I fed him a piece. Some cheese fell of and landed

on my left breast. Jack dove in after him. Then it was my turn. I wrapped a

piece around his dick then licked up the mess. He put some pepperoni into my

pussy and then ate them out. I couldn't believe we were going at it again for

the third time in the same day! It ended up with Jack on his back and me

between his thighs sucking his dick. I said that I wanted my dessert and

licked and sucked his beautiful tool. He finally shot off in my mouth and I

did my best to swallow him. Truth was, after his day's activities, he didn't

have much pressure left. When he finished, he said that he was too tired to

do anything for me. He said not to worry though, as he had a solution. He

got up and got the package from the book store. He pulled out the box with

the huge dildo in it. I had some reservations about using it. I had never

masturbated all that much before I had married Jack (and almost never since

then) and when I had it had always been a very private thing. The fact was I

was a little embarrassed to allow Jack see me that way when he wasn't in the

throws of passion himself. Also, the dildo was bigger than anything I had

every put in there before and I was worried that it wouldn't fit or it might

hurt. Jack handed me the rubber cock and I set it down and told him I didn't

want to use it in front of him. He talked to me and told me that he wouldn't

force me but it had always been a fantasy of his to see masturbate. I told

him I didn't think I could fit it in and he said that he would just enjoy

watching, and that I didn't have to use the thing at all if I didn't want to.

I decided to go ahead and so I spread my legs and reached down to my pussy.

My juices were already flowing from when he had tongued my pussy earlier. I

slid my hand over then mound and slipped one finger in my slit. I looked up

at Jack as he sat down on a chair at the end of the bed. I stroked the finger

in and out and was starting to build up that warm feeling. A second finger

joined the first and the pace picked up a little. I close my eyes

instinctively and tuned out the world except for my burning sensation. After

about five minutes I had reached a few highs and started to build up to a nice

burst. After the burst, I looked up to Jack. He had another hard on and was

staring intently at the two fingers now slowly stroking in and out of my

pussy. I removed the fingers and reached over and grabbed the dildo. Jack

gave me a big smile and reached down and began stroking his cock. I had never

seen him masturbate before either. I only watched a couple of strokes because

I had decided I wanted to try out our new toy. I slid the tip against my slit

trying to cover the huge thing with my juices. I didn't even attempt to put

it in my mouth as Carol had done due to its large size (and who likes the

taste of plastic?). It took both hands to hold the big thing as I slid the

head into my slit. I started to get the first couple of inches in. It seemed

even wider than it was long. I got about the six inches in when I had to stop

for a minute. I felt very full. I tried stroking it in and out but it was

tough going. After a half dozen strokes though, it started sliding much

easier. I was able to get another three inches in! I felt like it was going

to come out my ass hole and I still had another six inches available! I

looked up and could see Jack was enjoying the show. I stoked a little harder

and closed my eyes as the little thrills grew bigger and bigger. I was

reaching deeper than ever before. After I came, I opened my eyes to discover

I had two inches remaining on the plastic dildo. I had gotten a whole

thirteen inches of it in. Jack came over to me with lust in his eyes and

told me that he was going to fuck me like had never fucked me before. He had

another huge hard on striking out before him. He reached down and removed the

dildo from my hot slit. It made a quiet little pop when he finally got it out

and I felt so empty. He quickly replaced the plastic imitation with the real

thing. It felt a little small in comparison to the huge toy. Jack's cock is

about seven and half inches long and four inches in diameter. But it

certainly felt nice in there. After all the action we had today, Jack was

certainly in no hurry. He stroked long and hard and I built up to a couple of

nice orgasm. He asked me how I had liked it in the booth today. I said that

it had been great. He pulled out and rolled me over on my belly. He then

reentered me from behind. He started pumping again as I lifted my hips by

resting on my knees. He leaned over me hard and nuzzled my ear which was on

the pillow. A hand reached under and started fondling a breast. Then a

finger from his other hand enter my ass hole. I tensed up but then relaxed

as I adjusted to the new sensation. He picked up his tempo and whispered

hoarsely in my ear that he was going to come all over my ass again. The pace

picked up and I reached another big series. Suddenly, he pulled out and

started shooting all over my backside. He aimed it at my ass hole (he had

removed the finger to hold onto both hips when the pace had picked up). After

he stopped shooting, he ran his dick through the come on my ass and did gentle

circles with it. He even slid the tip of his dick against my ass hole but

didn't try to insert it. I collapsed flat on th bed and followed suit coming

to my side. We stared into each other eyes, both too tired or drained to

talk. He hugged me close and I fell asleep on his chest.

I awoke the next morning with my head still resting on his chest. I

listened to his even breathing as he slept and thought how happy I was.

Eventually, I rose and showered. The halter had dried, so I dressed again

and reentered the room. Jack was up and talking on the phone. He hung up

just as I entered the room. I was surprised as I knew we didn't know anyone

in this area and couldn't imagine who he would be calling. He passed it off

as a surprise that I could find out about latter and he head off to the shower.

After he came out, we drove to a local McDonald's and had some breakfast. I

felt a little self conscious sitting in the restaurant in my outfit (why does

McDonald's have to air condition their stores so much). Jack asked me how I

had enjoyed the previous days activities. I told him how satisfied I felt.

He asked if I wanted to try some more "stuff" before we headed back to the

real world. At that point, I felt game for most anything.

As we drove, Jack explained that he had arranged for me to have a turn as

a dancer in the booth at the book store we had visited. I looked at him like

I couldn't believe what he was saying. He said that he wanted me to try it if

I thought I might enjoy it. I thought about how much I had enjoyed watching

the show and how much I had enjoyed the show I had done for Jack the night

before. I decided to give it a try.

When we pulled into the book store's parking lot, I could already feel the

excitement and nervousness of the adventure I was about to try. We entered

the book room. This time an older man with a cigar and glasses was behind the

counter. Carol was there again sitting on the stool and gave us a look like

the cat that swallowed the bird. Jack went up and introduced us to Bill, the

manager. He said that he would give me a try but that I would have to pass

his standards before he could allow to entertain his customers. I felt a

flash of fear as I was not about to have sex with another man. He said that

it was pretty slow this early in the morning and it would be a good chance to

try a new person. He said that he usually didn't let amateurs in as they

didn't do as good of job and sometimes had stage fright. He asked me what

made me think I could strip naked in front of a man and perform so as to

excite him. I knew this was some kind of test and knew how I answered would

determine whether I would get to act out this fantasy. In answer, I reached

behind my back and untied the halter. It fell of my breasts and I stood

topless in the room. A man peeked around the corner from the peep show and

did a double take. Carol said "I told you she had a nice body". Bill looked

at my chest and said "nice". I wanted to pull the halter back up but resisted

the impulse. Bill reached a decision. "Okay, you go into the booth with

Carol for awhile. She'll show you the ropes and then I will be your first

customer. If I like what I see, I 'll let you work the rest of the morning."

He turned to Jack, "You understand that you can't be in the booth with her

and all her tips have to go to Carol?" Jack shook his head yes and Carol led

me to the back entrance of the booth. We entered and she cleared the seat (of

the vibrator and dildo) and sat down. Apparently, the light could also be

turned on and off with a switch as she turned on the overhead lights. Carol

said, "So you enjoyed my show yesterday? Well its not always like that. Most

of the time, its just an ugly guy who jerks off to you dancing. Usually, I

don't even get off. The rates are on the card by the slot, just like I told

you yesterday. Never do anything until they have put the tip through the

slot. They will rip you off every time if you let them. If they don't want

to tip, all you do is dance while the light is on. We usually try to look

bored and uninterested to scare the cheap ones off. Once they tip though,

try to look interested though I don't think that will be a problem for you!

Did you try out your toy last night?" I shook my head up and down (wondering

what I had gotten myself into). Carol said, "Not all the girls do what I do

with the vibrator in the ass. But, they only charge $30.00 for the deluxe

treatment then. Now the only other thing you need to know is the timer. This

dial tells you how much time is left before their quarters run out. Tell them

to put in their money before you start instead of feeding it as you go along.

That way you can estimate the time and try to fit everything in. Some of the

guys will get off a couple times while your doing it, others won't even pull

it out but just sit here and stare at you. Now are you sure you want to do

this?" I said yes and got up and headed to the door. As she left she said,

"Just leave the light on. I'll send Bill into the other side. Don't worry,

no one can get through that window. Don't expect Bill to tip you but you do

need to go through the motion of quoting him the rates. Have fun!".

I locked the door after Carol left and went and opened the curtain. After

a couple minutes, Bill entered the customer section. I picked up the phone

and mimicked for him to do the same. His voice came through the receiver,

"Okay, are you ready?" I answered, "Yes, now the quarters are just for the

light honey (I did my best to drawl like a southern belle, if you are going to

live out a fantasy, you might as well have fun). The real show will cost you

extra. I accept "tips". For ten dollars I'll dance topless, twenty will get

you total nudity, twenty five and I spread it all, and for thirty bucks you

can see insertion." Bill responded, "That was good. Okay, now give me your

best show. Make that hubby proud". He hung up the phone and sat down on the

bench. I stepped back to the chair and fiddled with the music. It came on

loud and I turned it down. I tried to catch on the beat and starting shaking

my hips. I turned around and danced up to the glass. Bill was staring at me,

trying to look me straight in the eye. I tried to avoid eye contact and

continued to dance. I spun around and looked over first one shoulder, then

the other at Bill. I was beginning to get in to this role. I reached back

and untied the top of the halter and let it fall. All he could see though

was my back. I reached and untied the lower half. I held the halter in front

of me and turned around to face Bill. I slowly lowered the halter and then

pressed my tits against the glass. I leaned back and fondled them and pulled

on the nipples. They had already been hard before I had started (in fact,

they felt like they had been hard for the last thirty six hours!). I stepped

back from the glass and turned my back on him again. I reached in front and

undid my shorts. I slid them slowly down my legs, bending over to give Bill a

good shot. I steeped out of them and turned around again to face him. I

swayed to the music as I danced to the window once again. My hot spot was

already quite juicy and I slid my hands through the hair above my slit (its a

light brown and tends to grow sparse, I'm a dirty blond on top) covering it

from Bill's view. I looked up and saw that he was staring directly at my

hands over the slit. He had pulled his cock out of his pants and was stroking

it. It was short and stubby. I kept stroking through the hair and reached

down and pulled the lips apart. It seemed so unreal, standing in that booth

naked with my pussy spread wide open for another man, but I had enter a role

and had become a stripper who did this for money and enjoyment (and it must of

been obvious to Bill that I was enjoying it). I decided it was time to move

on. I went back to the chair and grabbed the pillow and threw it to the front

window. I picked up the dildo and vibrator and returned to the front of the

booth. I turned the vibrator on and found out the batteries were dead (Carol

later told me that she didn't replace the batteries often as they tended to

wear here out when the vibrator worked). I scooted my rear onto the pillow

and laid back on the cheap carpet in the booth. I placed the vibrator on my

slit and slid it back and forth, finally letting it slip into my hole. I

looked up to see that bill had stood up, cock in hand, and his face was now

pressed against the glass watching the vibrator slide in and out. I closed

my eyes and start to get into a rhythm. After about five minutes of the

vibrator, I decided to change to the large dildo. I looked into Bill's eyes

(they were glazed with lust) as I pulled the vibrator out and lined the giant

plastic cock up with my pussy. I realized I had his complete attention! My

juices were really flowing and the dildo was easier to insert than it had the

previous night. I got the first ten inches in before I started meeting

resistance. Soon, almost the entire length was going in and out. I looked

up and saw that Bill's face was turning red. I hoped that he wouldn't die on

me. Suddenly, he became still. Then he started squirting on the glass. It

hit the glass in globs and started to streak down the glass. When he was done

he reached for the toilet paper and cleaned himself and the glass up. Then he

picked up the phone. I pushed the dildo in and remove one hand and reached

for the phone. He said, "That was pretty good. Only, we are here for the

customer so when he is done, you are done. Don't sit there beating off after

he has finished as he might feel offended. You can do that after he leaves if

you need to. Also, you'll have to work on your pace a bit. It needs to go a

little quicker or else we won't be able to get many guys through here. Now

get dressed and you can come out and wait for your first customer. Oh, don't

forget the to cut off the light, we don't want to give away any free time."

He had just come and all he could do was critique me? I removed the dildo

from pussy and stood and dressed. I returned the toys and pillow to chair.

I closed the curtain and headed for the door.

As I was getting ready to leave, I heard someone open the door to the

customer section. It was show time for real. Would a man pay to see me strut

my stuff? I started to pull back the curtain as the lights came on overhead.

I heard the coins rattling as the entered the box and looked out to see who

was there. It was Jack of course. It was feeding a whole roll of quarters

into the machine. I decided that since this was his game, I would have a

little fun. I picked up the phone and Jack reached for his. Jack voice came

through, "Boy, this is getting expensive (as he continued to put the quarters

in the machine). First I have to pay off Bill, then I have to guarantee Carol

at least $500.00 in tips, you had better work your tale off." I responded,

"Allright buddy, it will cost you ten bucks for topless, twenty for nude,

twenty five for spreads, and fifty (I adlibed) for thew deluxe show. Now what

will it be?" Jack chuckled realizing that I was playing my role for his

benefit (as well as my own). Jack slid fifty dollars through the slot and I

put it on the chair and went into my act. I repeated pretty much the same

show that I had given Bill but I saved a little surprise for Jack. I decided

that I was going to give him an extra thrill. I stripped and proceeded to use

the vibrator. Then I switched over to the dildo. I got most of it in again.

I guess I was getting used to it. Then I rolled over on my belly and pressed

my backside against the glass. Jack could see the huge dildo sticking out of

my pussy from behind. He had dropped his pants and was stroking his cock. I

reached for the vibrator at my side. I pushed against my anal opening. I had

never tried anything like that before but after yesterdays anal probing by

Jack, I thought I could handle. Luckily, the vibrator was still slick with my

juices. I worked the first couple of inches in. It was a strange sensation.

I worked on relaxing and got a couple of more inches in. I felt immensely

filled with both holes filled. I stroked the vibrator in slowly and reached

to the dildo in the front. I was able to work both toys in and out. I was

completely oblivious to the world. I was having some many sensations I nearly

passed out. When I stopped, I looked up to see that Jack had already shot all

over the window. He had a glazed satisfied look on his face. I pulled both

tools out and shakily got to my feet. Jack picked up the phone and I followed

suit. Jack said, "Wow! That was unbelievable. Did you enjoy it as much as I

did?" "oh yes!" I replied. He asked if I still wanted to go through with it.

I told that I did. I also asked if he could pick up some batteries for the

vibrator. We both cleaned up and got dressed. I exited the booth and join

Carol and Bill at the counter. Jack came out and kissed me goodbye before

heading out to "do some shopping". The three of us passed the time. A middle

aged bald man came in and looked around at some magazines. He got some change

from Bill and went to view some peep movies. He had stared at both Carol and

I. A couple of more men came in and went into the peeps or bought some

magazines. The bald headed man came out of the peeps and got some more

change. He walked over to the dancer's booth and entered. Carol said,

"You're on."

I entered the booth and locked it. I went up and opened the curtain. The

bald man was sitting on the bench and had a stack of quarters next to the

machine. I picked up the phone and explained the rules. He tipped me $25.00

and started putting quarters into the machine. I put the money on the chair

and started the dance. Soon, i had taken the halter off and was playing with

my tits. He had removed his dick from his pants. For a bald middle age man,

he was pretty well hung. He stroked it as I dropped my shorts. I spread my

pussy lips and rubbed it against the glass. I turned around and spread my ass

cheeks so he could see me from behind. I was getting hot again but knew that

I would have to wait till later since he hadn't paid for insertion. He came

quickly and left the booth without bothering to clean up the his mess. I

closed the curtain and redressed. Bill made me go in the customer section and

clean up the mess (all part of the job he said). Jack had gotten back by then

and gave me the batteries. He was excited to hear that I had "earned" my

first real tip. Business had started to pick up and I quickly had to return

to the booth. I did four shows in a row. I got to put the batteries to good

use. After the fourth show, I told them I had enough. I don't know how Carol

could do this for eight hours five days a week. I was exhausted and totally

spent. Jack paid off Carol and we left. I noticed that he had another bag

from the bookstore. He must of bought some more playthings while I had been


I quickly fell asleep once in the car. I didn't awake until we pulled

into the driveway. Jack kissed me and we headed into the house. I headed

into the bedroom. I had been in and out of the same clothes for a couple

days and need to refresh. I quickly stripped and headed to the shower. I

put on a silk nightshirt and panties and headed out of the bedroom. Jack was

in the kitchen preparing some dinner ( he is so sweet sometimes). When he saw

me, he smiled and handed me a drink. We ate and talked about the weekend. We

agreed that it had been fun but it was not something we could repeat very

often. The thrill was mostly in the newness of the experience.

We retired to the bedroom. I told Jack that my pussy was to sore for much

more action but said that we might find an alternative. I gave him a long

slow blowjob that lasted about half hour. I swallowed his come and then we

hugged. It felt nice to be home and in bed. Jack started gently stroking my

pussy. He apparently hadn't had enough. We started to make slow love. Jack

was trying to be extra gentle. I was slowly warming up. He brought me to the

brink a couple of times but stopped each time. He was still playing games

with me. After one near explosion, he started talking about the show I given

him that morning. He asked if it felt good to have both holes filled. I said

that it had felt great. He reached to the night stand and pulled out some

Vaseline. He put some on his middle finger and slowly inserted it up my

rectum. I relaxed as he started sliding the finger in and out. He started

thrusting his cock into my pussy. I knew what he wanted to do and I knew that

I was ready to try it. I pulled his cock out of me and rolled onto my belly.

I raised my hips and told Jack to go slow. He grabbed the jar of Vaseline and

started to work some into my rectum. He placed the head of his cock at my

rear entrance and slowly started to press it in. I tried to relax myself as

much as possible but it still hurt a little as his cock is bigger than the

vibrator. I grunted and Jack stopped. After a minute, I told him to go on.

He slowly proceeded again. Soon he was all the way in. He reached underneath

and starting stroking my pussy. I was beginning to adjust to the feel of his

dick in my ass. He slowly started to pull out a couple inches. Then he

pushed it back in. I catch my breath out quickly. He asked me if it hurt and

I told him that it felt different, but not necessarily bad. I asked him how

it felt to him. He said that it felt incredibly tight. I moved my hips and

he proceeded to slowly stroking his cock in and out. Soon, all pain had been

replaced with shooting sensations. Jack had picked up the pace and was really

going at it. His hand was moving at a frenzied pace in my pussy and he had

past caring whether it was hurting me or not. I reached an intense orgasm and

he kept on pounding away. I reached another peak and started losing track of

them. It was like one continuous orgasm. Jack finally shot in my ass and we

collapsed flat on the bed. I could feel his cock shrivelling in my ass.

After a few minutes, he removed it with a pop. What an ending to a weekend

of a lot of firsts.

Jack asked, "You're not done yet are you?" Now who could pass up a

challenge like that?

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