The Company Pic-nic

It was time again for the annual company picnic. Instead of the usual deal

in some park, the picnic committee had decided to get everyone discount (as

in huge discount) passes to the local theme park. It opened at ten in the

morning and we as a group would meet about 11:30 for an all expenses paid

for steak lunch with all the trimmings. Before and after that we were free

to roam the park and ride all of the rides we wanted to for free. Lunch was

the only official company function, other than the usual baseball game that

some liked to participate in. I'm not a sports fan so I opted out of that

one when the sign up sheet came around.

My wife and I haven't been getting along too well lately, and for reasons I

was never too clear about, she didn't like the company I worked for. It

wasn't surprising then that she had other plans the day of the company

picnic. She was off to some art festival with a girlfriend of hers.

When I got to the theme part, the first person I ran into from the company

was Sally. She was looking very sexy today. Usually she is dressed in

business attire, and while she always looked nice, now that she was dressed

for a picnic, WOW! She was wearing a little crop top that barely covered

her breasts, some rather sexy short shorts and sandals. I had never noticed

before, but she had great legs and a very sexy body. I said hi to her, but

she looked like she was looking for someone and I was on my way to the

picnic area. I was about lunch time and I was hungry. I got my steak and

the other things that go with it, including a nice cold beer and found a

nice shady place under a tree to sit and eat in peace.

A little later Sally came into the area alone and got her plate. While she

got her plate filled, I was watching her and decided that those perky

little breasts of hers weren't being restrained by a bra. She looked around

for a place to sit and finally came over to the tree I was under. "Mind if

I join you." she asked. "I haven't been with this company very long and you

are the one friendly familiar face I have seen today."

As she stood over me, I could see up under that top. Nope, no bra. I could

see the underside of her firm breasts. "It would be very nice if you did."

We ate in silence for the next few minutes. "Is your husband here?" I

finally got the nerve to ask her. I knew she was married, and thought that

was who she was looking for.

"No, I gave him his ticket and he said if he could get out early enough he

would be here, but I won't hold my breath."

"Does he have to work today?"

"That's what he said, but I'm not sure if he does or if he is just being a

little shit and decided not to come to this thing."

"My wife is being a shit, that's why she isn't here. She didn't even want

her ticket in case she changed he mind."

"My husband took his ticket, but like I said, I won't hold my breath. He

won't even fuck me lately so I don't know why he would come to this


It seems she was in the same predicament I was in. No sex and no one to

have it with - other than the one we were married to - who didn't want us.

She was starting to sound really pissed, so I thought I had better change

the subject very quickly. "Since we are both floating around alone, how

about if we go on a few rides together?"

"Sure. I was thinking of leaving if I didn't find someone to have a little

fun with."

With my warped little mind, I wanted to read more into her last statement

than was probably there. The only friendly face she knew here also happened

to be the local sex starved maniac. We finished eating and then walked

around the park a little to find a ride that we felt like going on. We

decided to try the tame version of the two roller coasters there. We

were in the rear of the last car and like all roller coasters, we got

shoved into each other. It was more than pleasant having her soft sexy body

pushed up against mine as we went around the sharp corners.

When that ride ended, we decided to try the Frontier Log ride. On the way

over to that one, she walked a little closer to me. I wasn't sure if that

was a signal of some sort or if I was making something out of nothing.

This log ride was one of those water rides where you sit in a boat like

contraption that looks like a hollowed out log. There is a low narrow bench

down the center that about six people sit on with your legs out ahead of

you and party around the person ahead of you. There is a hand rail on each

side to hang onto, unless, like me, you prefer to hold on to the one ahead

of you. In my case that was Sally. I had my arms around her just under her

breasts. I had wondered if she was going to object when I first put them

around her, but she gave no indication that she didn't like it and even

leaned back into me some. That ride was quite a bit tamer than the roller

coaster, though it is a wet version of just that. With my arms around

Sally, I enjoyed it quite a bit more than the last ride. Since she had been

in the front of our "log", her top was a lot more interesting after it got

splashed during this water ride! Her areola and now erect nipples could be

seen through the partly wet thin material of her top. She looked so sexy it

was all I could do not to stare at her. Now that the ride was over, I asked

her is she would like to get an ice cream.

"That sounds good. I think there was one of those ice cream carts near

where we got in line for this ride. It's one of those soft serve kind."

We found the ice cream cart and I bought one of those soft serve kind of

cones for each of us. I paid the man, took the cones, and handed hers to


"Thanks. So which ride should we go on next?" She took a long sensuous lick

of her ice cream.

I never realized that she could stick her tongue out that far. The way she

licked that ice cream cone made me start to get hard. It was so erotic! I

was speechless just watching her. If she was a man with that tongue she

would have been in great demand! As it was I found it terribly sexy.

"Well?" she asked, as we walked along. Her tongue came out and gave that

lucky cone another completely erotic lick.

"Oh I dunno, how about you?"

"You want to ride me? Hmm....I never thought of myself as I ride, but I

guess I could be."

"That's not what I meant, not that I wouldn't like to."

"So, you would like to ride me?"

Apparently I wasn't the only sex starved person at this picnic! "Don't be

silly. I'd jump at the chance. I'm horney and you have a very sexy body."

"Thanks! Does your wife know about your carnal desires for other women?"

She flashed a wicked grin, the cone got another erotic lick, and I was

getting very hard.

"I don't think she cares any longer. How would your husband take you having

a filling time with some other man?"

"Right about now I would love to be filled with something nice and hard,

but the way he's been lately, I doubt he would notice."

I had the feeling this was going to be a great and memorable picnic. "It

sounds as though you are getting about as much sex as I am; none."

"Oh I get all the sex I want. Unfortunately it's with my finger and not a


"In a manner of speaking," I said as we continued to walk, "that's how I

get mine. Only it's Rosey Palmer and her five sisters as we put it."

"For just a second I thought you were going to say that you managed to jack

off with one finger. That I would like to have seen."

"No, I'm not that talented. I wouldn't mind seeing what you do with one

finger though."

"Why? Do you think you could give me a few pointers?"

"No, just wouldn't mind having the privilege of watching."

"You want to watch me jill off?"

"I'd like to, especially if I got to make love to you after. If I can't

touch you after, then forget it. I'm horney enough as is."

"I'm not a tease. If was going to do that in front of you, then I would let

you have me after it. But why do men find it so fascinating to watch a girl

jill off? Wouldn't it be just a lot more fun to actually have sex with


"We get into the visual part of sex more than women do, but what makes you

so sure that all men just love to watch a girl get herself off; other than

my asking about it."

"Well, I had a boyfriend for a very short time who would rather watch me

get myself off than have sex with me. I made the mistake of doing it for

him once. He managed to come in his pants he got so excited watching me.

That was all he wanted in terms of sex with me after that. My husband likes

to see me get myself off as sort of foreplay. That I don't mind, and I

guess I am a little bit of an exhibitionist at heart. It gets him all

excited and he is a good lover, when he gets around to doing that."

"Your husband sounds normal - other than the no sex part - but your former

boyfriend was weird."

"I thought so."

We walked along and came to a little lake near one edge of the park. There

was an open grassy area on the side of the lake facing the rides, and trees

on the opposite side. As we walked along and finished our ice cream we

walked across the grass and toward the trees. I slipped my arm around her

waist as we walked along. When we got around to the trees, I steered her

into them; there was no objection. Near a rather large oak I stopped and

said, "Sally, I'd really like to make love to you."

"You sure we won't get caught? I'd really like to, but I'm not getting

along all that well with my husband, but I still think we can patch things

up sooner or later. If we get caught I can probably kiss that good by. And,

if anyone from the company sees us, we will never hear the end of it! I'll

be the woman with the scarlett letter and you will be the hero of the men's


"We can move further into the trees and I don't think anyone will ever

suspect a thing."

We moved a little further into the trees and were now hidden from anyone in

the amusement park. We didn't have to search for very long to find a nice

grassy clearing that was well hidden from the rest of the world. It was

pretty small, but that just made it all the better.

"This will do." she said. "Time to get undressed." She slipped her top off

freeing those perky breasts. Her long sexy nipples were sticking out and

begging to be played with and sucked on. The shorts came next. She undid a

button, unzipped and zipper and they slid down her sexy legs. That left her

in nothing but her thin silky panties and her sandals. She made a very sexy

sight. She had stopped short of taking her panties off. "Would you like to

take my panties off?" she asked.

By now I had my T-shirt and shorts off too, and was about to drop my

briefs. "I'd love to!" I dropped my briefs, letting my aching erect cock

free at last.

"Oh! Better hurry or they will be soaking wet!" she said looking at my


I am just average size, but when you haven't had any in a long time, I

guess anything looks great. I stepped over to her and took her in my arms.

Her sexy hot body pressing up against mine felt do good. Those firm breasts

mashed against me and I could feel her hard nipples poking at my chest. We

kissed a nice wet kiss, and then I started to slide her panties off her

hips. I couldn't exactly push them all the way down standing there, so I

pushed them down as I bent over and kissed my way down the front of her

body. A little kiss on the chest, a little suck on each nipple in passing,

a lick to her naval and the panties were on the ground about the time I was

looking at her soft bush. I inhaled deeply and could smell the sweet hot

scent of her sex.

"Tell you what, since you mentioned it earlier and since I love to show off

a little anyway, have a seat there on that patch of grass," she said

pointing to a little place in the clearing, "and I will sit over here

against this tree and jill off for you. I don't know why, but just the idea

of you watching me while I play with myself is really getting me hot. I

never thought I was this much of an exhibitionist!"

"I'll sit here as long as I can restrain myself." I said as I sat down.

"With you sitting in front of me nude with that nice stiff cock standing up

there, and as horney as I am, I may not be able to restrain myself either!"

She sat down by the tree, leaned back and spread her sexy legs. Sally

looked right at me as she stuck a finger in her mouth, got it all wet with

her saliva and then slowly slid it down the center of her body to her furry

slit. First she moved it slowly over the puffy outer lips and then worked

it in between them. She was visibly wet now. She started moving her finger

up and down her slit. She was dipping it into herself at the bottom then

sliding it up to the top and rubbing it in a few small circles over her

clit before going back down again. Her other hand had gone to her breast

and was pinching and pulling on first one nipple and then on the other. She

looked to be pinching and pulling on them quite hard. "Want to see my

clit?" she asked.


Without really waiting for a response, she had removed the hand from her

breast and used the first two fingers on it to spread herself. The finger

that had been rubbing her clit now pulled the hood back. "There it is, all

hot and bothered." It was all swollen, slick with her juices, and now

sticking out from under its hood. Sally's clit was surprisingly large. "Do

you think it's sexy?"

"You bet! I'd like to come over there and give it a lick."

"Not yet, you're just supposed to sit there and watch." Her hand went back

to her breast to resume its torturing her nipples and her finger resumed

its travels. Before too long her finger just stayed up on her clit and

rubbed over it in small circles. Her head was back against the tree now and

her eyes were closed. She was breathing just a little faster. "Want to see

me come?" she panted.

"Sure. I thought that was the idea."

"I'm gonna come pretty quick here. I must be a little weird or something,

but I just love to jill off and have a guy I feel good about watch

me.....just as long as he has something nice and stiff for me right after

it. Right after I do this I need to have you fuck me and make me come

again. I get so hot doing this."

"Oh, I have something for you alright. I'm keeping it nice and hard for

you." I said as I sat there watching her and stroking my hardon. "You can

have it any time you want it."

"Do you like watching me?" Her breathing was getting faster and shallow.

She would be coming pretty soon now.

"Yea, it's so sexy!"

"Does it get you hot seeing a girl playing with herself?" She was right on

the edge. Her hand was moving faster now, no longer teasing her clit but

working hard on making it come.

"Christ yes! I'll get myself off if I'm not careful."

"Don't do that! I'll need you inside me.....right after I ...Oh

shit,....I'm coming.....Oh yes. Oh God, I'm coming. I'm coming for you!"

Her hand was just a blur now as she moved her finger over her clit. Sally's

body was wracked by the spasms of her orgasm. She was moaning now and she

was having a very difficult time keeping her legs apart for me.

As her orgasm subsided and her breathing got closer to normal she finally

asked, "I hope you could see okay. It's awful hard to keep my legs apart

like that when I come. That was a pretty good come and that made it harder.

Did you like watching me get myself off? "

"It was great. Sure got me hot!"

"Now," she said crawling over to me, I want to ride you!"

I just stretched out on the grass on my back and let her crawl over me.

She crawled over me and planted a big wet kiss on my cock. "I need this

bad." she mumbled and then sucked it into her mouth. She ran her tongue

over the sensitive underside a few times and then let it slip back out.

"Right now I happen to need you pretty badly too."

She finished crawling over me and lowered her body on top of me as our

mouths met. Her soft warm body lying on top of mine felt so good! A moment

later she raised up a little, reached between us, found my hard cock, and

guided it to her opening. As soon as the had the head of it inside her, she

lunged back and buried my cock into her tight pussy. "Oh God that feels so

good!" she moaned as she started moving.

I had my hands on her hips guiding her and holding onto her as I thrust up

when she came down on me. "I didn't know how badly I needed you until I was

inside you."

"I hope you didn't want a long screw. I am going to come pretty quickly and

I really want to feel you come inside me."

"I'm so horney I can't last long, even with you on top. How about sitting

up so I can see your body and play with your nipples."

"You didn't see enough of it before?" she teased.

"No. I love seeing you naked."

As she sat up on me she said, "Look all you want. I guess you can see

yourself going in and out of me too." She leaned back just a little more to

make sure I could see. "I wish I could see it. I used a mirror to watch

once, and it was pretty hot."

I could see myself going in and out of her all right. In this bright sunlit

clearing I had a great view of my slick shaft going in and out of her

as she moved up and down on it. She would rise up until just the tip was

still inside her, and then come down on it as far as she could. She was

soaking wet and getting my pubic hairs all wet with her juices. I reached

up to her breasts, caressed them, felt the soft fullness of them, and then

began to gently pinch and pull on her nipples.

"Just a little harder." she moaned. "You don't have to be quite so gentle."

I pinched and pulled a little harder. We pumped away at each other for a

few minutes, enjoying something that neither of us had had for quite some

time, and then she picked up the pace. Now she leaned forward again and had

her hands on my chest. Sally was really slamming herself down on me. She

was about to come and so was I.

"Your ready to come?" she panted.

"Any second now! You're going so fast I won't be able to hold off any

longer. God you feel good!"

"Great. I'm just about there and I want to feel you shoot your come into me

just before I come too."

"Huh? You want me to come first?"

"Yea. I want to feel you pump your come into me before I come. If you do it

after I start coming, I will be so lost in my coming I will never feel it.

I haven't been fucked in a long time and I want to enjoy everything about


" got it.....I'm.....coming!" I felt the first load of come

start down in my balls and shoot up my shaft and into her. She stopped for

a second to feel it, and then from her moaning I think that was when she

started to come too. I was having such and intense one, all I could do was

hang onto her and pump my come into her hot body. I pumped load after load

of come into her before I was done. She was so tight it felt like she was

almost sucking the come out of me and I gave her all I had. During the

height of her orgasm, she lay on top of me and held onto me as we both

pumped away at each other.

I continued to move in and out of her as our orgasms died down. I had felt

so good I never wanted it to end.

"God that felt good." she said as she sat up with me still deeply imbedded

in her.

"Yea, I haven't felt that good in a long time!"

"I think we better get back before we are really missed." she said and slid

off me toward my knees. My soaking wet cock slapped up against my stomach

went it came free of her. "Then there is the messy part of sex." she

giggled as a small stream of come ran out of her and onto the ground."

We got dressed and tried to make it look like we hadn't been doing exactly

what we had been doing. I think the hardest part was getting the grass

stains off her knees. That done, we wandered back into the theme park and

mingled with the rest of the crowd.

Her husband actually showed up just a little later. She went off with him,

and I went off to see what other amusements there were here, though I never

found anything that took my breath away like she had.

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