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The first couple of hours at a Rodeo can be a little bit disorienting.    Things are going on all over the place.   Our trailers were parked near one corner of the parking area, probably about mile from the main show rings.   The sounds of the PA system were just really distant echoes.    Our group had set up our stuff, gotten our horses comfortable and ready to go, and now I had a long wait before my rides came up.

This wasn’t my first show, not by a long shot.  I had started to ride when I was 12, more than 6 years ago.    I had tried a few different things, and after Daddy broke down and spent a good deal of money buying me my horse Buddy, I have ended up doing barrel racing.    It is fast, intense, and really enjoyable.    However, because it is a highlight of most shows, we tend to go on late in the day, so they can keep a good crowd.

I was strolling around, trying to see who our neighbors were.   This show is a fair bit away from my home (I am from Alabama, and this show was just outside Knoxville, Tennessee).  We don’t usually travel to far shows like this, but I had the time, and a lot of the other riders wanted to try it.   So we came down here… three days of riding, competing, and fooling around.

I didn’t really know anyone who was near us.   I wandered back to our trailers, and found that everyone had gone off to see the main show.    I decided to brush Buddy down, I know that makes him feel good, and it gives me something to do.   I have seen too many shows, so I like to take it easy.

As I am brushing him, I hear someone walking up behind me.   I thought it was one of the girls, and didn’t turn around right away.    They stopped behind me, as I was bent over cleaning the bottoms of Buddy’s legs.  

The person behind me coughed a polite "Humph"… trying to get my attention.   I realized that it was a man - and he was getting a great view of my ass, I was sure!

I stood up and turned around.    This was not ANY man… this was a cowboy hunk.   A young guy, not more a year older than my 18, with short dark hair and a shy demeanor.    He looked me over, and smiled.    His smile dazzled me!    He looked me up and down, and then said "Hi, I’m Tommy.    Our trailer is next to yours.   I just wanted to say hello, neighbor!"

I was hoping he wanted something else.    Damn, this guy was FINE!

I smiled back.   "I went looking before, but I didn’t find anyone around.     I’m Krystal, my friends call me Krys.  I hope you call me that too".

He smiled wider.    His teeth were perfect and white - I found myself staring at his perfect teeth and his lips.    "I would be glad to call you Krys.    Tell me, do you have a spare bucket I can borrow to go get some water?   I forgot to bring an extra."

"Sure, I have a spare one in our changing room at the front of the trailer.   Let me get it for you"

I started towards the front of the trailer.  Our big gooseneck has space for 4 horses, plus we have a good size tack and changing space, maybe 5 X 8.   We keep all of our saddled and stuff in here, plus we use it to change clothes and stuff on site.   It isn’t very big, but it gives us a safe place to put stuff.    I opened the door, and realized that Tommy was right behind me.  I stepped into the trailer and moved forward, looking for the bucket.    I heard him step in behind me, and the door closed.   It got really dark, there is only 1 window, and I hadn’t turned on the light.

I turned around to face him.  He was still smiling.    I felt myself getting very attracted to that smile of his.    He stepped close to me, and said "never mind the bucket, I found what I want".  He leaned in, and put his lips on mine.

I hadn’t even moved at all.    I felt his kiss was urgent, trying to convince me to open my mouth and go all the way with a hot kiss… my mind was reeling, I wasn’t really paying attention… and my mouth opened and our tongues touched.

The kiss was hot and wild, and never seemed to stop.   I could feel him pressing against me with his whole body, his hands around me and on my back.    

I was moaning softly to his kiss, this feeling intense and unexpected.    His right hand was starting to run down my back and over my ass.    I was wearing really tight fitting jeans, and he was squeezing my ass firmly through them, pulling me against him.    I could feel a lump in the front of his pants pressing against my stomach.   

He never stopped kissing me the whole time.   His hands started to explore my body, and I started to get a little adventurous myself.    I had only been with two boys before this, and they were both very inexperienced.   Tommy seemed to really know what he was doing.    Before I realized it, he had my blouse out of my jeans, and was running his hands underneath onto my soft skin.

My hand has made it to the front of his pants.   He had a sizable lump in there, and I was just sort of rubbing it around, feeling the whole thing over.   I could feel it throbbing through his jeans… I was really concentrated on it.    That is when my blouse came off all together.  I hadn’t even felt him undoing the buttons, and now I stood there with my shirt off, only in my sports bra, and my hand squeezing this strangers throbbing dick!

He finally broke the kiss, just long enough to smile at me again.   I think he was checking to see if I was going to get upset or something, I don’t know.    I just kept rubbing him through his pants.

He leaned forward, and started to nibble at my hard nipples through the sports bra.    They are really tiny nipples, but they get really hard.   His teasing them made them even harder than I remember them getting before.   I couldn’t stand it!   I pulled off the bra, and gave him full access to my 36C breasts.    He went right back to work on them - it felt amazing!    His tongue was soft yet firm, and he was gently nibbling on them nipples with those perfect teeth.    I was just watching him go, enjoying the feelings flowing through my body.     I was HOT!

He kept nibbling and licking, and his hands went to work on my jeans.   He popped the button and pulled down the zipper, then he slowly slid his two hands down inside the jeans to rub my ass.   It was a tight fit, and he was squeezing my butt really hard.    He forced the jeans down over my hips, and started to slide them down my legs.   

I pulled away from him.   He looked surprised.   "Don’t worry," I said, "I am just making things easier for you".    I leaned back and slid my boots off, and the jeans off my legs, and tossed them to the side.   I slid back towards him, and started to kiss him again.

His left hand went directly to my panty-covered pussy.   I was soaking wet, and he could surely feel the wetness through my cotton panties.     It sounded to me like I was making squishing noises!     This guy really knew how to use his hands, because it wasn’t more than a few seconds before I started to cum against his hand!    I didn’t even have my panties off and I was already cumming!     I was so turned on!

He broke the kiss again and stood back.  "Well, I guess it ain’t fair, you all being nekked and me all dressed".   He started to pull off his clothes, and I reached up to help.    He slipped back further "No, you just stand back and look what I have for you to enjoy!".

He pulled off his shirt - his chest was hairless and well muscled, not huge but solid.    Not a mark on him, no tattoos, no nothing.    Just solid muscle and clear skin.   I wanted to reach out and rub it, but he was busy getting naked!

He pulled off his boots and jeans in one smooth swoop.   He stood there in a small pair of briefs, which seemed to be overwhelmed with a totally HUGE cock.    It was pulling the brief up fro his body, and looked like it was trying to get out in all directions at the same time.     The two boys I had been with surely didn’t have this sort of equipment!

He looked back up and smiled.  "Wanna see it?"

"I want to more than see it!    Take it out! "

With that, he dropped his briefs.    His cock was huge, from what I had seen.  It had to be 8 inches long, and it looked thick like a soda can.    It was vibrating, standing up at about a 45-degree angle.   He waved it around, and rubbed it.   I reached for it, and he backed away again.

"Turn around, and I will have a big surprise for you… close your eyes!"

I turned around and closed me eyes.   I felt the trailer moving a bit, and I think it might have gotten brighter in the trailer for a second.   I heard the door close… I thought we had closed it before.    I felt his hands on me again, and his dick hard against my back.   He crouched a little bit, and pulled my panties to one side.     He pushed me forward a bit, and I felt the tip of his dick at the entry to my pussy.  I was soaking wet, and ready for anything now!

"Do you want it, babe?    Want me to fuck you hard?"

"Yeah!    Give it to me!   Don’t tease me, give it to me!"

"Would you do anything for my dick?"

"Yeah, just give it to me, I’ll do anything!"

"Then open your eyes, and look around…."

I opened my eyes, and I saw another pair of boots and legs to my right.    I was startled, and started to lean up to look.   Tommy put his hand on my back, and firmly kept me in place.   His dick started to slide into me, and I moaned.   It was HUGE!

"This here is my roommate Teddy.   He doesn’t seem to have a way with the girls like I do.   He is sort of shy.   But he loves to play with the girls I find!"   As he said this, Teddy came closer.   I still couldn’t see his face, but suddenly I could feel his hands on me.    That is when I realized that Teddy was black!

He wasted no time, reaching to play with my tits.  I was freaking out; I had never even been near a black boy before.    Tommy’s dick was starting to slide into my pussy, and my mind was reeling again.   I was coming even as he entered me.

"Now, Teddy is a quiet fellow, but he likes to have his dick sucked.   Would you like to suck his dick?"    As Tommy asked me this, he pulled back out a little.

I had never let anyone put their dick in my mouth before.  "I don’t know how.  I never do that!". 

"Time to learn girl!".   Tommy pushed me over further, and Teddy came around in front of me.   I could hear his buckle come undone, and he pushed down his pant.   Out sprang the biggest, blackest cock on the planet!    This thing had to be a foot long!   I was freaking out!  "No way is that going in my mouth!  It’s too big". 

Tommy slipped entirely out of my pussy.  "Do you want me to fuck you hard, girl?"

"Yes, please fuck me!   Fuck me now!"

"Then get sucking!"

Teddy was banging his dick against my cheek.  He wasn’t even totally hard, and this thing was HUGE.    "I don’t know how…"

"Just put it in your mouth, and suck it… Teddy will show you what he likes".

I put my hands on Teddy’s legs to keep myself in place, and I leaned towards his Dick.    I opened my mouth, and it slipped in.   It hit the back of my throat, and I started to gag.   I pulled back, and Teddy put his hands on the back of my head and pulled me back onto him.   As I started to gag again, Tommy slid his dick back into my aching pussy.   He went about 3 or 4 inches on one stroke, making me moan as I gagged.  

"Relax your throat babe, let it slip down.    Wrap your hand around the rest of his dick and slide it up and down… suck it baby!"

With that, Tommy jammed his dick all the way to the end of my pussy in one shot.   I would have screamed, but my mouth was full!    Full of hot black dick!   Teddy started to bounce in and out of my mouth, and pulled my hand to the rest of his dick, setting up a strong rhythm.  Tommy picked up on it, and started to fuck my at the same pace.     I came hard, for like 45 seconds.    I was in ecstasy.  I had never been fucked hard before, I had never sucked a dick before, and I was loving it all!

Tommy was fucking up a storm.    He really was pounding me, I felt so stretch out.   He was grabbing at my swinging titties, and humping me hard.    Teddy was starting to grunt and puff, and I was having a series of intense mini-orgasms.   I was losing my mind… until Tommy yelled "SWITCH!"

With that, he pulled out of me, and Teddy pushed me away from his dick.    They stood me up, and I got my first look at Teddy.   He was certainly older than my father.   I was shocked!

Tommy reached over and pulled a saddle pad down from the wall, and pushed me onto my back.    He knelt down on one side of me, and pulled me towards him.    I took his dick into my mouth.   I could taste my own juices all over him.   He was soaking wet!

Teddy positioned himself between my legs.    His cock was HUGE, bigger than Tommy, and Tommy was the biggest guy I had even seen before!    I slowly rubbed the plum size head over my outer lips, and then slipped it in.

I felt like I was being ripped in two!    Tommy had been way bigger than anything, and this was even bigger!  He didn’t take his time; he got about an inch into me, then pulled back and little and went for everything!  

I was seeing stars!     I was having a huge orgasm as he banged me hard.  Tommy had been rough, but Teddy seemed to be more interested in driving me through the floor of the trailer.    He was fucking me really hard, and Tommy was fucking my face like a wild man.     I was just lying there, cumming like mad and getting taken advantage of.     It was great.

It might has been 10 seconds, or it might have been an hour, but all of a sudden I heard Tommy say "GRAND FINALY!".    He pulled back and Teddy pulled out.     They had me stand up, and Teddy laid down where I had been.

"Climb up on him and ride him, cowgirl" Tommy said.  "Ride him like a bucking bronco!"   I straddled Teddy’s big dick, and he slipped it back into my sopping wet pussy.    I dropped right to the bottom on the first stroke, and started to fuck him up and down.   Old man or not, I was really enjoying his big black dick.

I felt Tommy’s hands on my waist.  He stopped me in mid stroke "Stay still for a minute".   I felt his breathe on my ass, and suddenly, I felt his tongue licking my asshole!    I freaked out!    I tried to pull away, but he kept at it.   As I tried to pull away, I was riding up and down that huge dick of Teddy’s and t was getting me off!    The feeling of the tongue on my asshole was starting to feel VERY good indeed!

Tommy pulled away from me, but only for a second.   He crouched behind me, and I could feel his dick on my ass cheeks.     I didn’t realize what was about to happen.   I reached up and rubbed my tits, and eased himself up against me.   He dropped one hand down to his dick, and…

He started to push it against my virgin asshole!

No guy had even been there on me before, and I always thought of it as bad and nasty.    My mind was racing, and suddenly the tip of his dick slipped past my butt ring… He was inside of me, while Teddy was still in my pussy.

He waited a second, probably to le m calm down.   He was still mauling my sensitive tits; my nipples seemed harder than ever.   He pinched on really hard, and I almost screamed.   He slipped about half his dick into me at the same time - a nice diversion.

Teddy started to move my up and down on his dick again.  As he pulled me down, Tommy slid back almost all the way out of my ass.   As I slid back up off of Teddy’s dick, Tommy slid further into me again.   Up and down I went, in, out, in out, in out….

Tommy came first in my ass.    It felt like a fire hose going off inside of me.  He just kept cumming and cumming.  I could feel it oozing around his dick and squishing out.    I came hard.     He pulled out, and came up next to me.

"Suck me clean, girl!"

It has just been in my ass, but I didn’t care.   I slipped his dick into my mouth and sucked the rest of his cum off.    Teddy was getting a little frantic too.   Tommy pulled away from me, and Teddy rolled me over onto my back, fucking me hard from on top.   He was pounding me hard "Teddy has a gift for you girl!   Keep your eyes open on this one"

At that exact moment, I launched into a huge orgasm, and Teddy pulled his dick out of me and started to cum.    He came all over me, my pussy, my tits, my face - it was gallons of hot white spunk.  He leaned over me, and pulled me onto his dick, even as it was still coming.    He shot two or three shots down my throat.   It was salty and gooey.   I loved it!

As he was doing this, Tommy reached down to my still spasming pussy and stuck three finger in me.    "We loosened you up good!". He put a forth finger in, then his thumb.   He slid his entire hand into me!    I came hard again, and he fucked me with his full hand.    I was screaming and cumming and screaming some more.  

Finally he stopped.   "We are here for three days, I hope you are too… we are going to have a little party later… want to come?"

I nodded my head.    Little did I know that I would be the featured entertainment at that party!

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