I was 26 when I met Jennifer, at college. I have to say, in retrospect, that I was a pretty graceless young man, an utter mess, really. I had no social graces (and knew it). Jennifer, on the other hand was a beautiful girl with legs that went on forever, breasts that called out to my hands and lips, short mousy blonde hair and blue, blue eyes; the kind of eyes that went from burning when she was angry to a deeper shade when she was aroused. Of course, I didn’t find out about the second half of that until later.... I wasted about a year, being too shy to approach her, I might have been five years her senior, but she definitely did not show any interest in my shambolic self, being too busy asserting her independence. Perhaps I should say at this point, that I was (blush) a virgin at this time, but really wanting to find out what I had been missing. Anyway, into the second year I screwed up my courage and asked her for a date, fully believing that all I would get told where to put myself. You can imagine my surprise when she accepted. Now being somewhat backward about being forward, my experience in taking the opposite sex out was severely limited, being shaped by TV programs. So I thought that a romantic candle-lit diner for two at my local restaurant would be just the ticket. The big night arrived, and I went to pick my date up from her parents, incidentally, I think one of the reasons that I got her out in the first place was that I had my own car, something that the other guys at the college were sadly lacking, being much younger than me. She was wearing the famous "little black number" so loved by men and women, though for different reasons! As the weather was appalling, I made sure to tell her folks that I would let Jennifer stay at my parents’ if it got too bad. (This was mid February and it was snowing quite hard, and roads in England tend to disappear if you have more than an inch or so of the white stuff.)

So off we went to the restaurant, a delicious meal and light small talk, we finished about ten o’clock and came out to find the weather worse than ever. I suggested that we go to my parents’ place and have a coffee and brandy (pathetic eh? this girl wanted night-clubs). We walked back to my parents’ house, the car being frozen. Jennifer called her parents and explained that she would be staying with me overnight. We stayed up with my parents and had a coffee, then my folks excused themselves and went to bed. Jennifer turned to me with those great blue eyes and said, "David, there’s something I’ve wanted to do the whole evening." She leant forward, took the cigarette from my hand and kissed me deeply. To say I was shocked barely even hints at my emotions. Here I was, a fat idiot in a suit being kissed by the most beautiful creature I had ever set my eyes on. Yes, I had been kissed before, but this was a serious kiss. We broke away from each other, I sat back, stunned. It may not be a big deal for you guys, but this was a revelation to me. She said, "And there’s something I wanted to show you as well". She reached up with both hands and took her dress off over her head. She was wearing a black, sort of lacy, bra and matching panties; and she looked magnificent. "I didn’t know what to wear under the dress," she said, "but this seemed best."

Jennifer took the lead again, coming over to me and kissing me again. Feeling her body next to mine as she started unbuttoning my shirt and stroking my chest was amazing. My hands started working as if on auto pilot, feeling her breasts and her hardening nipples. She reached down to my trousers, unbuckled the belt let my straining erection out. I was still getting used to feeling her body, but then she stroked my dick, and of course, I came on the spot. (I defy anyone to laugh at this point. What were you like the first time an eighteen year old stroked you?) She just went "Yuck!" and got off me, and I took several minutes to get cleaned up and several more minutes apologizing "I wanted to get laid by someone with some experience the first time," she said. I just looked up and said "Snap." She looked at me with those bright blue eyes and said, "I’m so horny, I’ll just have to do it myself tonight."

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