I had stuck it out to my junior year in college, financially, but things had gotten tougher. On campus housing was not available, and so I had to find another place to live.

Despite having a half scholarship, student loans (I was so broke I qualified for everything!) and two part time jobs (I was a waitress at a college hang out and cashiered at a shoe store), I could not afford an apartment. I found a family that was renting out a room near campus. They live in a slightly run down area and were apparently just making ends meet themselves. But the price was right, $100.00 a month. I had to share a bathroom and eat on campus but it was livable. I figured I would be at school or work most of the time anyway so I would only be using it to sleep. The couple, Joe and Beth, were in there late thirties. They had two children, Joe Jr who was 16 and Gillian who was 14. Joe worked as a beer deliveryman and looked like he sampled his wares often (big gut). He was big (6’ 4"} all over and quite loud and cocky. Beth was in sharp contrast to her husband, small and frail looking almost anemic. She was quiet and meek always deferring to Joe. The kids fit much the same pattern with Joe Jr being a smaller replica of his father (loud and boisterous) and Gillian being slight and quiet. I must admit that Joe scared me little bit and it disturbed me the way Joe Jr. looked at me and seemed to hang around me a lot. The fall semester past and I did not have any troubles at the house. As I expected, I spent little time during the day there, usually leaving by eight in the morning and rarely returning before ten at night. I only seemed to see the family during the weekends between working my jobs. My troubles started in late December. With final exams, I had to cut back on my work. Because I was under so much stress with exams, I caught a flu bug that kept me in bed for two weeks after exams were finished. Then, one of my student loan grants was late so I had to pay the bill myself until the grant would arrive (it turned out it arrived the second week in February!). My meager resources had been stretched beyond the breaking point. I did not have enough money to buy books for my classes or to pay the rent. I talked with the Financial Aid office but they could not help me as I already had every loan and grant that I qualified for. I thought I might be able to get enough to pay for my books by getting an advance from my jobs. I would just have to get an extension on paying my rent. Joe was up that evening when I got home from the shoe store at 10:00 pm(He usually went to bed early as he had to start work at 5:00 AM but Thursday night was his bowling night).

He was in the rec room watching TV drinking a beer. I sat down on a chair and told him I needed to talk to him about the rent. He said that he had wanted to talk to me too since I was already a week overdue. I explained to him about the grant being late and that I would not be able to pay the rent until it arrived. He stared at me and did not say a thing for a long minute. Then he said that it was unacceptable and that my personal problems didn’t concern him. I was shocked because I had expected him to listen to reason. I was trying to think of which one of my friends I could stay with for a little while. Since the new semester didn’t start for another week, they were all at home for the break. Joe looked at me kind of funny like he was enjoying making me squirm. His ego may have needed to make me feel bad to make him feel good. I thought maybe if I played on that, he might let me stay. I used my best poor helpless female voice and said that I didn’t know what I was going to do if he kicked me out. Joe said that he still wanted "compensation" but maybe we could work something out. I suggested that maybe I could help with the housework. He said that Beth already did that and didn’t need any help. He said that there might still be a way. I knew he was hinting at something but that he wanted me to suggest it. I couldn’t figure out what though (I was still pretty naive in those days). He seemed frustrated that I couldn’t come up with it. Finally, he got up and walked down the hall to my room saying that if nothing could be worked out, he guessed he would have to pack my stuff up and set me out. I was near tears at this point as I followed him down the hall and into my small room. He had opened my closet and was taking my bags out and setting them on the bed. He reached into the top drawer of the dresser and took my clothes out and set them in the bag. I said that I would do anything if he just wouldn’t kick me out (helpless hadn’t worked, maybe begging would). That may have not been the magic words but they were close enough. Joe stopped on the second drawer and turned around and faced me. He asked me if I really meant it. I said yes. He said that for a pretty girl like you, a way could be worked out. The way he said that sent a chill down my spine. Now I new what he wanted. He said that he had certain "needs" that Beth wasn’t always capable of fulfilling and that if I did, he would consider this month’s rent paid. He was looking very intently at me waiting for my response. I did not move as I considered my options. I really didn’t have any. I could get kicked out onto the street in the middle of the cold winter night and walk around the streets with all my possessions ( a motel room was out of the question as I only had $1.67 in cash). School was closed so I couldn’t even hang out at the library or somewhere else on campus. All my friends were home for the break so there was no one to call.

I really wasn’t looking forward to doing anything with Joe as he was big and had a gut and certainly wasn’t going be very concerned about me. Not my first choice for the fourth man I would go to bed with (The first two were boyfriends back from my high school days and I had only one boyfriend my sophomore year but that had ended). But what choice did I have? I said "Just tonight, right?", He signaled yes. "And the month is paid off?", Again he said yes. $100.00 for an evening of unpleasantness wasn’t too bad (especially for someone as poor as I was). "What about your family?", I was looking for an escape. Closing the door to my bedroom Joe said, "They are all asleep in the other part of the house. As long as you don’t scream, we should be alright." I slowly said "O-kay" and he broke into a big grin. He responded "O-kay! Boy, I have always wanted to see those tits, so hurry up!" As I said, Joe was crude. I slowly pulled my outer sweater over my head and set it on the bed. He quickly moved the bags onto the floor and sat down on the bed. I un-tucked my turtle neck from my jeans and pulled that over my head too. He was practically drooling looking at me standing before him in my bra. I reached down and started to unbutton my jeans. He said "forget that for now, I want to see those tits!" I stopped and hesitated (no reprieve from the governor!). He said "come on now." I reached back and unhooked the bra. I lowered the straps and removed it. Joe whistled softly. "I knew that were big but they are absolutely gorgeous!" I was turning twenty shades of red standing in front of him topless. He said, "Bring those babies over here so I can get a closer look. I stepped in front of him at the edge of the bed. As I did, his hands came up and grabbed my breasts. He tried to take the whole thing into his hands but could not cover them up. He took the nipples between his thumb and his finger and began to tweak them. Though I was still disgusted with the thought of what I was going to have to do to pay rent, my nipples responded and hardened. He bent his head over and took one of the nipples in his mouth. He sucked it, then bit down on it (subtle he wasn’t). I pulled back slightly and he released and put his mouth on the other. After he pulled off he said, "You certainly put Beth to shame!" (She is slight and almost flat chested) He played with my breasts a few more minutes, licking and fondling them, resting his head in my cleavage. Joe said, "Boy this is heaven. A guy could get lost in here!" Finally, he pulled back and looked up at me. "O-kay, lets see the rest of you." I stepped back and slipped my shoes off. I bent over and pulled both socks off. Then, I unbuttoned my jeans and put them on the bed with the rest of my clothes. Joe was breathing noticeably heavier and I could see a bulge in his pants. I pulled down my panties and threw them with the rest of my clothes. I was now standing naked in front of Joe. He looked appreciatively up and down me. He gave me a hand signal to spin around. I turned slowly and he let out another whistle.

"You are some piece of work. Come here." I stepped back to in front of him and his hands reached behind me and fell on my bottom. He squeezed each bun and stared at my pussy. Finally, his right hand left my bottom and came to the front. He slid his hand threw my pubic hair and a finger entered my vagina. A second joined it and he felt all around my insides. "Nice", he purred. He pulled his hand out and patted the bed next to him. I picked up my clothes from the bed and set them on the dresser. Joe quickly pulled his bowling shirt off and kicked his shoe off. As I turned back to the bed, he was lowering his slacks and undershorts together. He had a prominent beer gut and was quite hairy. He had a small thin penis (about four inches). He sat back on the bed and I sat stiffly next to him. Joe reached down and stroked his cock. "Why don’t you kiss it?", more an order than a request. I wasn’t very experienced in oral sex and his smallish cock hardly looked appetizing. I bent over and took the tip in my mouth and sucked with my lips. He roughly grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down on his cock. My nose was in his pubic hair and I could feel his balls on my chin. His hands were in my hair and he pulled and pushed. He was basically masturbating himself with my mouth. After about three minutes, he moaned and pulled my head down hard and would not let me escape. He started to shoot in my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. He tasted bitter. Joe said, "Now lick it clean like a good little girl." I licked halfheartedly and took his dick out of my mouth. At least he didn’t have much staying power and now it was over. But it wasn’t. Joe told me, "Lie back and get ready for the ride of your life." I laid on my bed and got ready for what was to come. He had not really regained his erection yet but that wasn’t going to stop him. He climbed on top of me and I could fell all his weight. I could barely breath. He reached back and grabbed his dick. No preliminaries or anything, he just slipped it in. Needless to say, I wasn’t very well lubricated as not much about the situation excited me. Luckily, he was not fully erect so it didn’t hurt to terribly. He started stroking in and out and he hardened slightly. "Now doesn’t that feel good?", he asked. I just turned my head away but he would have none of that. He pushed my head back straight and stuck his tongue into my mouth. After a couple minutes, he was fully erect. My breathing was coming hard, more the result of his weight crushing me then what he was doing. He stopped and said, "I want to do something different, Beth only lets me do it this way. I want to get a hold of those tits. Roll over and we’ll do it like the dogs." He pulled out and I rolled over on my belly. "Now lift that ass up!", he instructed. I rose to my knees and buried my face in the pillow. At least I wouldn’t have to let him in my mouth anymore. SMACK he slapped my ass! I jumped a little as he made me spread my legs a little wider. He entered swiftly and put his weight over my back.

He reached around and grabbed my breasts and started squeezing them hard. He seemed to have only one pace (fast) and was pushing in and out. He groaned and pulled out his dick and shot his sperm all over my back. I collapsed and he just stayed on his knees behind me. I hoped that it was finally over. Joe got off the bed and started putting his clothes back on. "Pretty good wasn’t it? I knew you were a hot little number. Maybe you’ll want to pay next months rent this way too?" I just laid on the bed hoping he would leave. He finished dressing and quickly left the room. I got up and put my robe on. I went to the bathroom and climbed under the shower. I turned it on extra hot and scrubbed myself raw. I wanted to keep moving so I wouldn’t have to think about what had happened. But thoughts raced threw my head. Finally, I rationalized that I had little choice in the matter. And besides, I had managed to "pay" the rent so I should have a little extra when the grant finally arrived. Now all I had do to do was figure a way to get books. Friday morning, I got up early and out of the house. I didn’t want to face Beth (Joe would already be at work). I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get an advance from my shoe store job. The shoe store wasn’t a very busy store and Jo, the manager was a cold fish. I wouldn’t get any sympathy from her. Now John, the manager at the restaurant, was another story. He was everyone’s friend and I thought he probably would give me the advance. Since the restaurant didn’t open until 11:00, I killed time by walking down to the mall and window shopping. I met John at the door of the restaurant when he arrived at 10:00. He let the day crew in and we went to his office. I told him that I needed and advance of $200.00 in order to buy text books. John said, "I can appreciate the spot your in but I can’t give you an advance. If I gave you one, that would open a whole can of worms because lots of other people would want one. Now I know of a way for you get that money, but you may not be interested." I told him that I would listen. John continued, "I’ve got a bachelor party schedule for the Green Room tonight and since Ellen quit, I’m short one girl." Ellen was another waitress who occasionally worked as a stripper for bachelor parties. Usually, John would get a couple of girls from the "Kitty Kat Lounge", a strip joint outside of town. Ellen started doing parties for the extra money. She was immediately ostracized by all the workers (except the boys who harassed her). She had put up with a lot of insults and hassles and had finally quit. John said, "The Wild Stallion could only send one girl because Friday is a big night for them. It pays $250.00 plus "tips"." I couldn’t believe how much it paid. No wonder Ellen put up with all the abuse. I asked John exactly what I would have to do. "Well, you and the other girl would do a strip tease for about twenty guys. You would be expected to sit in the grooms lap and he would probably touch you. You’ll have to dance around all the guys and some may touch you.

You’ll be expected to dance for At least an hour. Some of the girls earn "tips" by working privately in the cloakroom. You wouldn’t have to do that but I hear that some of the girls make out pretty well. Well, what do you think?" Good question. I didn’t know what I thought. On the one hand, I’ve always been a bit shy about my body and I didn’t know if I had the guts to do something like that, also, I didn’t’ want to become an outcast from the other workers like Ellen had. On the other hand, if I couldn’t get my textbooks, I would fall behind and could risk losing my scholarship, and any chance of ever graduating. Also, the night before I had suffered far worse for only $100.00. I told John that I had never done anything like that and wouldn’t know what to do. "Diane, the dancer form the Kitty Kat can show you what to do." I asked about the other workers finding out. "We will slip you in and we never allow waiters in the room while the girls perform. I’ll personally guard the door." The crew always had a way to find these things out though. I told him I would do it on the condition that I would just dance, none of the other stuff. "Fine, Diane will be happy to not have to share the tips. I’ll give you her number and you call her and she’ll set everything up." I took the number and walked back to the mall. I had a 12-5 shift at the shoe store to work. I asked Jo for an advance, hoping to get out of the party tonight, but as expected, she turned me down flat. I was having a tough time concentrating on work because I was getting nervous. Could I go through with it? What had happened last night was one thing but to get up in front of a bunch of men and strip was another. Also, I didn’t have much time to think about it last night but was having all day to anticipate the party tonight. My stomach was beginning to do flip flops. When it slowed down in the afternoon, I called the number John had given me. Diane answered and I introduced myself. She told me we had to be at the party at 10:00 (we would go on about 10:30). She asked if I had a bikini to wear tonight. I told her that I didn’t (I have a rather conservative one piece suit). She asked for my sizes and said she would try to dig one up. She told me to bring the one piece, just in case, and she would tell me what to do before hand. I stopped in the restaurant after finishing work. I bummed a meal (I only had $1.67 and the school cafeteria was closed for the break) and told John that I had made the arrangements. He seemed pleased and told me that he would let me in the back and take me directly to his office at 10:00 so maybe I wouldn’t be seen. I walked back to my room and quietly snuck in. I got to my room without seeing anyone and laid down to rest. Sleep would not come as I thought about what had happened last night and what I was about to do tonight. The butterflies in my stomach grew. I finally nodded off but slept fitfully.

At 9:00, I got up and dug out my bathing suit. I took all my clothes off and put it on. Then I put my jeans and sweater on over it. I was too nervous to wait in the room and I didn’t want to stay in the house so I bundled up and headed out. I got to the restaurant at a quarter to ten and snuck into the office without John’s help. John popped his head in later and asked if I was ready. Diane came in about five minutes later. She said "hi’ as she took off her fur coat. She was a blond, a couple inches taller than me (I would guess about 5’ 6"), with blue eyes and a cute face. She looked less built then me, about 34 C. She was wearing a white blouse and a red skirt. She started hunting in her bag. "Your not nervous are you, don’t worry, just follow my lead and you’ll do alright, the first time is always the scariest." She talked without letting me answer. She pulled out a black bikini and handed it to me. "This ought to work, I borrowed it from Elizabeth, she’s built pretty well but maybe not quite as well as you, I think it may be only a 36D but we can make it fit." I took the tiny bikini. It really was only a couple of strings with a couple of small patches. "o-kay, why don’t you try it on?" I kicked off my shoes, pulled the sweater over my head and took off my jeans. Diane laughed, "where you get that thing? How can you get any sun in it?" I didn’t feel like explaining that I didn’t have time to sit out in the sun and all used the suit for was swimming at the school’s indoor pool. I pulled down the top of the suit as Diane stared. "They are sure going love you! Now lets see if we can fit everything in." She picked up the bikini top and handed it to me. I slid the lower strap behind my back and tried pulling the cups over my breasts. It was going to be a tight fit. I literally had to stuff them into the cups and hold them in while Diane tied the bow behind my neck (it was halter style). "All you have to do is pull and it come down. Now don’t worry about going slow. More speed and less tease is the rule at these type parties. Just let me go first and follow my lead. I’ll work one side of the room and you can just mimic me on the other. Then we’ll work our way back to the front and take care of the groom." I lowered the bathing suit and took it off. I took the bikini bottom and pulled it on. It had ties also that went on each thigh. "Now turn around so I can check it out." I complied. As I was facing away from the door, it opened and John came in. He quickly closed it behind him. "Wow, you look great Anne", he said. I blushed and Diane giggled. "Get out of here so we can get ready", she told him. "Okay, we served them dinner about ten minutes ago so you have about twenty minutes." He stared at me as he exited out the door. "Alright, now I had better get ready", she said as she unbuttoned her blouse.

She had a tiny red bikini on under her clothes. Her bikini bottom was more a G-string that left most of her tight behind visible. "I understand you don’t want to work the room, I guess that leaves more for mme, don’t get so prudish in me that you won’t sit on the groom’s lap. That’s part of the show. They are paying me an extra $100.00 to blow the groom in front of the group. Just stay to the side and work on his top, kiss him and what ever till he’s done. After we finish, we’ll come back here. Then I’ll go to work and you can leave." Diane pulled a robe out of her bag and put it on. She went to the mirror and worked on her make-up. It was already heavy. "You had better add some too." I told her that I hadn’t brought any and she lent me some of her’s. I also hadn’t brought a robe and was beginning to get chilled. The knot in my stomach tightened another notch. Diane made small talk and it helped settle me down. John knocked on the door and said "Showtime!" I almost lost my dinner. Diane shrugged her robe off, picked up her "boom-box", and opened the door. I nervously followed her across the hall to the back entrance to the "Green Room". John had graciously kept his word and the hallway was empty and the door to the kitchen was closed. "Ready?’, Diane asked. All I could do was nod. Too late to back out now. John opened the door to the "Green Room" . I followed Diane into the room. The men all turned and started to whistle and holler obscenities. They had already been drinking for an hour and were feeling no pain. We were told that the groom would be at the head of the table. A mustached man sat there with his tie pulled down looking quite blissful. "Hi Guys!", Diane shouted. They responded with hellos and obscenities. Diane set down the "boom-box" and hit the play button. A pulsing beat and some music poured from the speakers. Diane started rolling her hips and dancing. I took a deep breath and followed suit. The guys were cheering. Diane danced to the far side of the room. I staid on the other side. She worked her way down to the end of the table. I dance down to that end too. She turned around and her hands came behind her back and unhooked the bottom of her bikini top. Then, she slowly pulled it over her head, still facing away from the men. They were going wild, yelling "Take it off, Shake those things", Etc. Diane quickly turned around and a big cheer went up. Her breasts had small brown nipples. It was a bit chilly in the room and her nipples were standing up. She shook her chest and the men went wild. Then they all turned to me. My heart stopped beating. John had stayed at the door after letting us in. His expression changed from one of enjoyment to worry. The moment of truth had arrived. I continue to dance and reached back to the tie behind my neck. My hands shook and I couldn’t get it to untie for a second. But then it gave. I held both ends of the strings out to my sides, keeping the cups on my breasts. All eyes were on me and the men were shouting encouragements. I let go of strings and closed my eyes as the cups fell free down to my belly. The men whistled and cheered. I opened my eyes and saw that John had a look of relief on his face. Diane gave me a smile and continued here bump and grind.

We worked our way to the head of the table and Diane sat on the grooms right leg. I took her cue and sat on the left leg. His arms came around both our backs and I could feel his hand fondling my nipple. They were quite stiff due to the cool temperature. He was squeezing Diane’s breast too. She gave him an exaggerated deep kiss and then he turned to me. I played along ad planted my mouth on his. I could taste the alcohol on his breath. When I pulled apart, he dropped his head into my cleavage and turned his head back and forth, to the great amusement of the crowd. Diane rose and headed for the side of the table that I had been on. I removed his head and stood, walking to the far side of the table. The music continued to blare and Diane looked like she was really getting in to it. She stopped at the middle of the table, and climbed up onto it. She spun a couple of times and then reached down to the bikini bottom. She pulled it up tight against her crotch, the fabric almost disappearing completely in her bottom. She kept turning so that everyone could get a good view. You could just make out the side of her pussy lips from the stretched bikini bottom. She walked on the table to the head and turned her behind to the rest of the men. Then she pointed her finger at the groom and he rose. She took both of his hands in hers and guided them to the sides of her bikini. He slipped his hands in and you could see them move in the across her bottom under the fabric. Diane did some pelvic thrusts into his face. He made some remark and a face and the men broke out in laughter. The he lowered his hand, bring the bikini down with them. When they reached her feet, she stepped out of them and turned around. The men were whistle and yelling. Diane had a small Vee of light brown pubic hair above a pink pussy that was shaven clean. I guess dancers had to do that. She gyrated and did some pelvic thrusts. She reached down and whispered to the groom who was still standing. She bent a little at the waist and turned and faced him. He dropped his head into her pussy and his hands came around onto her bottom. The men cheered on their buddy. Diane bent and said something else to the man. He lifted his head and she turned around facing the men. She reached around and patted the groom on his head. Diane had a big smile on her face and seemed to be enjoying herself. The grooms hands came around her sides and reached into her naked pussy. Diane bent her knees out slightly, as his fingers opened her pussy lips for all to see her most private area. He slid a finger into her pussy and brought it out and licked. The men all cheered. Diane started dancing towards the middle of the table. She danced the whole length of it so everyone could get a view. Then she jumped off the end. It was my turn again! One of the men moved aside so I could climb onto the table. He gave me his hand for balanced and I thanked him. I stood on the table and started to sway with the music.

One man yelled "shake them baby", so I bent until my chest was just in front of his face and shook my breasts. Then I moved to the center of the table facing the groom (he had sat down after Diane had gotten down from the table). I had said that I wasn’t going to do anything but strip, and I didn’t want to change my mind now. I decided that I didn’t need any help removing my panties and I didn’t want to be fondled so openly as Diane had. So I took both ties on the bottom of my bikini and pulled. It came apart in my hand and slid off completely. The men cheered and I tossed the bottom off the table. I stood in the center and turned around so everyone could get a good view. I danced the length of the table, having to avoid some hands along the way. I jumped down from the table. I could tell the men were a little disappointed but that was tough. Diane gave me a look that I couldn’t figure out (it could have been o-kay or maybe that I should do better). Diane came to my side and took my hand. She whispered, "Its time for me to take on the groom. Help out the best you can." We walked to the front. Diane reached over and turned the music off. We both sat on one of the grooms legs as before (except before we weren’t completely naked). His arms snaked around us and his hand ended in my lap. He reached into my thatch and found the opening. His finger slid in and out. I could see he was doing the same with Diane. The groom joked about this being too much fun, and that he couldn’t remember why he wanted to get married. Diane joked back that he couldn’t handle so much excitement on a regular basis. The men had a good laugh and were enjoying themselves.

"Your friends want to give your bachelorhood a special send off tonight!", Diane announced. "With a little help from my able bodied assistant, we plan to make this a night you long remember!" We rose and took off the grooms Jacket. Diane had him stand up and lay on the end of the table. She reached down and went for his belt. The groom gave an anxious look around the table like he wasn’t too sure he wanted anything to happen in front of everyone. Sensing his apprehension, Diane climbed on top of him and kissed him deeply. She whispered in his ear and apparently reassured him. Her hands dropped to his pants again and opened them up. She climbed off the groom and pulled me to her side. "Climb back up on the table and keep him busy. Kiss him and cover his face with your tits. I can’t afford him going shy on me. He’s pretty good with his tongue if you want to try that once I’m started.", she whispered to me. I climbed onto the table on my knees. I was at the center facing to the end and he was on the end on his back. It made his face at a rather tough angle for me (180 degrees opposite mine). I bent down and started kissing him. He responded and his tongue entered my mouth. I could see that Diane had taken his cock out of his pants and the men cheered her as she engulfed it. I could feel him tensing momentarily. I felt a hand on my backside and then fingers slid into my pussy. I gave a little jump and moved up the table to escape the hand.

My chest was over the grooms face. He went right to work, licking and biting my breasts. I was surprised to find that I was enjoying it. He had much more finesse than Joe had. Diane was working her tongue slowly up the underside of his cock. Then she would return to nuzzle his balls. Oral sex had always been a quick suck and mostly the man fucking my mouth and I was surprised to see her technique. Another hand reached for my bottom, replacing the one I had avoided by scooting up the table. There was no place to go. I decided to take Diane’s advice. I moved up and lowered my pussy onto the grooms face. He had a big grin on his face as he stuck his tongue out and my pussy landed on it. I was already wet. I had never really had oral sex performed on me. I hadn’t planned to get so carried away this night but it just seemed like the best alternative. His tongue snaked into my pussy, sending shock waves through my body. I let out a scream as he hit a sensitive spot. Diane looked up from her work (she now had the big cock buried in her mouth) in surprise. Realizing what was happening, she gave me a lewd wink. The men were all laughing. The groom got a hold of my clit and I screamed again. I also was releasing juices all over his face and moustache. Diane resumed her work and picked up her a pace a bit. I could feel the groom losing his concentration on my pussy. He finally stooped licking altogether. He moaned that he was going to shoot, and Diane locked her lip around the base of his cock. Everyone could see her cheeks puffing and her swallowing as fast as she could. The groom stopped pumping and Diane lifted her head off his cock. She gave the men an open lipped smile so they could see the cum on her tongue. They cheered her and she bent her head back to the grooms cock and cleaned it off. I was feeling weak kneed and had sat down just over the head of the groom. In fact, his head was resting in my lap with both my legs going down his sides. Diane finished cleaning the grooms cock, patted it gently before replacing it in his pants. She stood at the head of the table and signaled with her eyes for me to join her. I rose shakily, and one of the men helped me down from the table (and coped a feel too). I joined Diane at the front of the table. "I hope this gives you something to remember in your old age as you sit by your wife side. Just think of all you’ll be missing", Diane said to the groom to the amusement of all the men. "I hope you enjoyed our little show. Private enjoyment may be arranged in a half hour in the back. Hope to see you soon." The men rose and clapped as we picked up the bikinis and "boom-box" and made our exit. John helped with the door again. I quickly entered his office as I didn’t want anyone I knew to see me running naked through the hallways. I sat down on the office chair and took a deep breath. I couldn’t believe it was over. I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 11:15. We had only been in there for a little over an hour.

I couldn’t believe that I had actually enjoyed it. I thought that I would be repulsed like had been with Joe the night before. But I had actually been excited and was on an adrenaline high now. Diane came into the room and closed the door. She was still naked too. She grabbed for the robe and sat down. "Excited, aren’t you?" I just shook my head yes. "It can be like that sometimes. That wasn’t too bad a bunch of guys in there. You did really well for your first time out. You should come down to the club, you could do really well with that body of yours." She looked me up and down. I was still naked. "Change your mind about getting some tips? I wouldn’t have to stay most the night then." I told her that I wasn’t ready for that yet and she just nodded. She pulled a towel out of her bag and started to wipe down the sweat. I hadn’t noticed that I had broken into a sweat too. After being so cold in the room originally, we had really raised the temperature. She threw me the towel after she was done and said, "You’ll learn what to bring next time." I told her that there wasn’t going to be a next time as I wiped my body down. She said that was a shame because she had enjoyed working with me. I pulled my one piece swimsuit on and gave the black bikini back to Ellen. John knocked at the door and Diane let him in. He had drinks and told us what a great job we had done. He asked us if here was anything else we wanted as we drank the drinks. Diane asked for some food, and I asked for a hamburger to go (I still didn’t want to be seen hanging around as someone might put two and two together). John left to get our food and I put my jeans and sweater back on. When he returned with the food, I was completely dressed. We talked while Diane finished her food. She said that she had to get back to work. She asked if I still had her phone number in case I ever changed my mind or just wanted to talk. I told her I did, and then she left to go to the back room. John paid me the $250.00 in cash and pointed out that it wouldn’t appear on my paycheck (no taxes!). He thanked me and then I snuck out the back.

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