Hillary was getting bored. She sat staring off into space from her

dorm window. Today was one of the times she wondered what made her go

to school on the West coast. Far from home and few good friends, she

started to feel all alone among the native Californians.

As she watched the other students walk along the path below her window,

she suddenly caught her breath as around the corner came an incredibly

gorgeous guy. She watched intently as he walked by, admiring his sunbronzed

muscles rippling under his shirt, the muscular legs, firm ass, the confident

way he walked. She watched until he was out of sight, and finally looked

around for something better to do.

Her eyes lit on her bikini, thrown off-handedly over the back of a

chair, next to a steamy romance novel. She grinned, thinking to herself,

"Just what I need. Sunbathe on the roof and a little appropriate reading

matter, considering my mood." She did have to admit to herself, she was

horny as hell, and since she had nothing to for it, perhaps a nap in the sun

might calm her nerves.

She quickly changed into the bikini, pausing to admire herself in the

mirror. She knew the only reason she had such trouble finding a man on

campus was her own nerves. Her body was fine, better than fine. Her

breasts were firm, and well-rounded, without seeming over large. She raised

a hand to cup one, noting that it would just fill the palm of the average

man. She slid her hands down her waist and over her gently rounded hips.

Not an ounce of unappealing fat; her curves were just right. Everything

about her screamed romance, if only she wouldn't get tongue-tied every time

a good looking male so much as glanced at her!

Grabbing her towel and the book, she quickly headed for the roof,

trying to ignore the warmth that had begun to spread throughout her lower

limbs as she had examined her body. Even now, her nipples tightned as she

thought of someone's hand - perhaps the man she had just seen - circling her

breast, brushing his thumb over her nipples. Groaning in frustration, Hillary

ran for the stairs to the roof.

Upon arriving at the roof, Hillary was glad to see it unoccupied. She

felt her thoughts were written all over her face, and she knew she was

blushing. Spreading the towel, she lay down on her back, legs spread

slightly, to read.

As she read, she began to wish she hadn't chosen that particular book.

As the hero and heroine celebrated their wedding night, in ever so explicit

detail, Hillary could feel that familiar warmth spreading through her. She

glanced around but saw no one.

"What could it hurt?" she asked herself quietly, glancing around once

more to make sure she really was alone. "I'm twelve stories above the

ground, and I've never seen anyone else sunbathe or anything else here.

It's private."

She squirmed uncomfortable as she began to read again. One hand slid

upwards, seemingly of its own accord, and brushed lightly over the hardened

nipple of one breast. Hillary moaned, nearly dropping the book at the shock

of pleasure the simple touch sent through her. Once more, she tried to

ignore her feelings and return to reading. Again her hand moved, this time

sliding down the side of her waist, across her flat belly until it reached

the slightly damp place between her legs. At the shock of the touch, Hillary

dropped the book beside her and gave up all pretense.

Hillary was so hot she no longer cared whether she was alone or not. All

she knew was that something had to be done about this, and she was the only

one there to do it. One hand slipped under the edge of her bikini bottoms,

between the warm folds to find her swollen pleasure center. The touch sent

waves of heat rolling through her, and she moaned loudly, her hips thrusting

forward. Her other hand rose to her breast, where she rolled her nipple

between her fingers. Her hips moved gently against her finger, which

slipped easily in the moistness. She could feel the pressure building, and

her second hand slipped to her waist to join the first under her now soaked

bikini bottoms. She moaned again, rubbing the swollen bud of pleasure while

her other finger slipped deep inside herself. The feeling of her finger

sliding through the warm wet of her own juices intensified the building of

her feelings, and she knew she was about to go over the edge. She opened

her eyes, and gave into her fantasies, imagining the tanned face of the man

she had seen earlier bending over her, whispering to her. Her hips arched

upward, hard against her hand, and the world exploded.

Slowly she came back to reality, and blushed as she remembered the loud

cry she had made as she came. As the throbbing subsided, she tried to

figure out how to get back downstairs, now that the bottom of her suit was

drenched, and opened her eyes.

"Hello there."

For a minute Hillary thought she must be dreaming. Surely there couldn't

be anyone else on the roof, and certainly not a someone with a voice that

sounded so thrilling. She turned her head towards the source of the voice,

and felt the world drop out from under her.

Sitting cross legged next to her, hands clasped in his lap, was the man

she had seen earlier. He was looking at her, a faintly amused expression on

his face. "I came up here to sunbathe."

"So did I," Hillary said quietly, a blush spreading across her cheeks.

"There's usually no one else here. I like to be alone."

The stranger chuckled. "I think I can see why."

Hillary blushed again, and looked away. "How long have you been here?"

Her voice was barely audible, and she could feel his breath on her shoulder

as he leaned close to catch her words.

"Long enough to see that your body acts as beautifully as it is made,"

he said quite seriously.

Blushing to the tips of her ears, Hillary stood up and wrapped the towel

around her waist. Not looking at the stranger, she leaned over the pick up

her book (presenting a wonderful rear view as she did so), and then ran for

the door. "Good going, Hillary. Now you have not only managed to embarass

yourself in conversation, but in other ways as well!" She didn't know how

she could ever forget this afternoon, but wished she could, and soon.



Rob turned to watch the girl leave, feeling an aching in his groin.

When he had stepped through the door to the roof, he had not expected to

find anyone else there, and was frankly looking for a chance to get away

from the rest of the campus. However, when he had rounded the corner, he

had first heard her, and then seen her. He had hesitated, feeling his cock

grow hard as he watched her in silence, and then he had moved closer. She

hadn't seemed to notice as he sat next to her, watching intently. His

manhood throbbed intensely as she exploded into orgasm, and he considered

taking advantage of the situation, but didn't, waiting instead for her to

come out of the clouds and open her eyes.

She had blushed quite nicely upon sighting him, and he realized that

she really was quite attractive, as well as very nicely shaped. However, in

her embarassment she had left so quickly he had not even had the chance to

find out who the unusual girl was. He didn't recall having met her before,

and he was positive he would have remembered her. He smiled again, thinking

of her, then groaned in frustration. Somehow, someway, he had to find out

who she was.

Hillary stepped into the room, slowly shutting the door behind her,

letting the towel drop to the floor in a crumpled heap.

"Hey, kiddo!" her roomate's cheery voice greeted her. "Been

sunbathing on the roof again?"

Hillary blushed before she could stop herself and turned away so Lindsay

wouldn't see her expression. "Yes," she said softly. She went to her

dresser and pulled out a t-shirt and shorts and quickly changed. After

regaining her composure, she asked as calmly as possible, "Hey, Lins, you

ever see this really cute guy around -- looks kinda like..." She described

the man from the roof as best she could.

Lindsay thought a moment, then grinned. "Sounds like Rob Warren.

What an incredibly gorgeous man!" She glanced at Hillary. "Why, got the hots

for the guy?"

Hillary sat on the bed, drawing her legs up close, her chin leaning on

her hands as she stared at the floor. "No," she mumbled. "I just wondered

who he was. 'Sides, you *know* how useless I am when it comes to talking to


Lindsay chuckled. "Find him at a party, after you've had a few

drinks. That'll loosen your tongue."

"Somehow I think it'll take more than that in this case," Hillary

muttered so quietly Lindsay didn't know she had spoken. "How could I have

*done* that?"



As the week went on, Rob found himself watching the girls who passed

through the dorm, and it was a while before he realized he was looking for

the girl on the roof. However, he never saw anyone who looked like her, and

after two days was ready to give up his search.

He was sitting in the lounge, leaning back, feet up on the chair, the

book he was reading for his English class open and ignored on his lap. He

stared out at the rain dripping down the window. It had rained since that

day on the roof, casting a pall over everything at the California campus.

Rob chuckled to himself. Not even a chance to sunbathe on the roof again.

"Hey, Rob! You reading that book or hoping to absorb the plot

through your skin?"

Rob looked in the direction of the cheerful voice to see a classmate

of his walking towards him. He recognized the blond, although he didn't

know her name, as a vivacious girl from his English class. He greeted her

and motioned for her to sit.

She perched on the edge of the chair opposite him and said cheerily.

"I'm Lindsay."

He nodded. She didn't say anything more, so he resorted to small

talk. "Bitch of a book to read, hm?" He gestured at the novel in his lap.

Lindsay shrugged. "I read it last year for another class, so no big

deal." She glanced at him. "Do you know a Hillary Riley?" she asked out of

the blue.

Rob thought a bit. "Can't say I do. Why?"

"She's my roomate. She was asking about you."

Rob's eyes narrowed. Could it be... "What's she like?"

Lindsay described her roomate. There was *nothing* she liked better

than a little matchmaking, especially where her overly shy roomate was


As Rob listened, he felt his body react as he realized Hillary was the

girl he had been looking for her. He had been waking in the morning to

dreams of her... he had seen her in his fantasies... and now he could have

the chance to find the girl. He grinned. "Why don't you give me her

number, or tell me where to find her? You say she's shy? Maybe I can do

something about that..."

Lindsay took a piece of paper from the notebook she had tucked under

her arm. "Her schedule's on there too." She grinned in return. "Good

luck. You'll likely need it."



Hillary groaned in frustration. Her math class had to be the most

*utterly* boring class to take. Each day she sat through the class, staring

at walls, daydreaming, just letting her mind wander. She glanced at her

watch. Just about time for the professor to start winding up. Then finally

he was done. With a sigh of relief, Hillary packed up her notebook and book,

tucked them under her arm, and hurriedly left the room.

As she hurried through the door and around the corner, she muttered

"Excuse me," to the large body that suddenly blocked her way. When it

didn't move, she glanced up angrily. "*Excuse* me..." her voice trailed

off as she recognized who stood in front of her.

Rob grinned down at her. "Fancy meeting you here."

Hillary felt her face grow hot and knew she was blushing to the tips of

her toes. She stepped sideways and moved forward more quickly than he could

block her way again. As she hurried away, Rob watched her retreating

back, an amused smile on his face.



Hillary was curled up in her room studying, despite the sun having once

again returned. She preferred to study on the roof, but after the last

time... her face grew red and her body betrayingly warm with the memory.

She shook her head and tried to concentrate on work.

A knock on her door once again distracted her, and she threw it open.


A young man stood before her, holding a vase filled with roses.

"Delivery for Hillary Riley," the man intoned. "Is this the right address?"

Hillary nodded, dumbfounded. For her? She took the roses and with a

shaky hand signed the receipt. As she closed the door she checked for a

card. Setting down the roses on her bureau, she plucked the tiny blue

envelope from between the flowers. Opening it nervously, she read, "Do you

know how hot you make me? I keep remembering what I saw and want *so* much

to see more... -Rob"

She dropped the card as if it were on fire, and then just as quickly

picked it up again before her roomate could find it. She looked around,

panicked, wondering where to hide the card. She finally tucked deep inside

her socks drawer and tried futilely to return to studying.



Lindsay smoothed her miniskirt over her flat stomach and checked her

appearance in the mirror. Hillary watched from where she was curled up on her

bed. "You look fine, Lins. Leave it be."

Lindsay turned to stare at her roomate. "You should come with me,

Hillary. It's not like its any big deal or anything."

Hillary shrugged. "You know I don't like big parties."

"You're shy, I know." Lindsay sighed. "Meg, you're *never* going to

get to meet anybody if you don't try." She walked over to Hillary's closet

and started going through the clothes. Pulling out a peasant blouse and

short skirt, she tossed them to Hillary, adding a pair of nylons and flats to

the pile of clothes. "Get dressed."

Hillary looked up to see Lindsay standing before her, hands on her hips,

a determined expression on her face. "What?" She glanced from her roomate

to the pile of clothes on the bed, and back to her roomate again. "You must

be joking."

"No joke." Lindsay reached out to pull Hillary's arms until the girl was

standing before her. "Now, are you going to get dressed or do I have to do

it for you?"

Seeing there was no way out of the situation, Hillary quickly stripped

and dressed again. She looked at the peasant blouse Lindsay had chosen and

started to exchange it for another top, but Lindsay stopped her. Hillary

blushed at the thought of wearing the blouse, for it was slightly

transparant, and since it was off-the-shoulder, a bra could not be worn

underneath. "Lins, everyone will be able to see *everything*!"

Lindsay shrugged. "Look, just dress to kill. Then you won't have to

worry about making conversation. No one will notice if you're tongue tied

if you're dressed well enough."

Hillary had to smile at that, and realizing that Lindsay wouldn't change

her mind, she hastily finished dressing. The top was very low on her,

uncovering the tops of her breasts. She felt as if she would fall out of it

should she do anything too active, like breath. And the skirt... well, she

tried to tug it a little longer, but it didn't work, barely covering her

nicely shaped ass and no further, showing little and leaving much to

pleasant imagination.

"Perfect!" Lindsay gave her a 'thumbs up'. "Now lets go."



The minute they stepped inside the door, Hillary felt crushed by the

bodies around her. Lindsay stayed with her only as far as the bar, and then

left her alone as she moved toward the dance floor, a cute guy on her arm.

Hillary watched helplessly after her, and moved over towards the wall, trying

to find a place where she could breathe and sip her drink in relative peace.

"Do you dance?"

Hillary glanced up to see *him* again. Blushing, she turned away. He

tapped her on the shoulder, getting her to glance at him again.

He smiled encouragingly. "I just asked if you *danced*. One dance

can't hurt, can it?"

She shrugged, not trusting herself to say anything. He reached out and

gently took the drink from her hand, setting it on a nearby table. Taking

her hand, he led her out to the dance floor, where she could hear a slow

song playing. Placing his arms around her waist, he drew her close and

started to sway.

Hillary could feel the heat coming from his hands at her back and tried

to draw away. He held her pinned in his arms, close to him, and she saw

amusement in his eyes when she tried to put more distance between their


He bent his head close to her ear and whispered, "I have you now, my

dear, and I don't intend to let you go."

She looked up at him and saw the grin on his face, and tried to smile

back, all sane thoughts having fled from her head. This was worse than

being simply tongue-tied. She had absolutely no idea what she was thinking

and little control over what she was feeling. His hands were caressing the

small of her back, and even that simple touch was wreaking havoc with her

senses. She looked up again and saw his eyes gleaming as he watched her

face intently. He licked his lips, and her attention focused on that part

of his face. He had such nice lips. She wondered what it would feel like

if he kissed her.

Rob stared down at the girl in his arms, amazed at what she could do

to his body simply by being near him. He was hard and throbbing already,

and wanted to do nothing more than get out of there so he could do what was

really on his mind, and it certainly wasn't dancing. He glanced at her to

see her eyes staring trustingly up at him as his hands stroked her back. He

licked his lips, and saw as her gaze refocused on his mouth. Smiling

gently, he bent his head to kiss her.

It was fire! Hillary gasped for air as Rob's lips left hers. The

music stopped, and he released her slowly, and she simply stood there, a

bewildered expression on her face. In one small part of her mind she was

amazed... it didn't seem to matter how tongue-tied she was at this time...

she looked around her and saw that another song had started -- fast and

spirited -- and she automatically felt her body start to move in time with

the music. She glanced at Rob and saw a wide grin on his face as he

danced suggestively, smiling only at her. Hillary felt her body respond and

danced in kind, her hips moving teasingly close to his, then she darted

away... touching his chest gently then moving back... a teasing glance,

licking her lips, running her hand down his back and legs... She had always

loved to dance, and found now that she didn't need to find the words to

speak, her body could do it for her.

Rob knew that if he didn't leave soon, he would burst right here.

She had finally relaxed and the way she moved her body, teasing him, had him

so hot he could hardly think. As the song ended he grasped her arms,

drawing her tight up against him and covered her mouth with his own.

Hillary's body melted against his, and she could feel him hot and hard

against her. She ached to see him, and responded fervently to his kiss,

fencing with his tongue, her hands snaking around the back of his neck to

play with the tendrils of his hair at the base of his neck. She moaned

against his mouth, and as he drew back her eyes pleaded with him to leave.

Placing an arm around her shoulder (for which Hillary was grateful -- she

wasn't certain she could have remained standing on her own), Rob led her

from the building, across campus to his room. As he opened the door, Hillary

stepped inside, suddenly uncertain again. She hesitated as Rob closed the


He could see her nervousness in her eyes, and knew that he wanted her

to feel right about this. He grinned, knowing that he had thought about

this often already, and wondered if she had as well. He watched as she

looked around his room.

"Nice room," she commented in a shaky voice.

Rob shrugged. "It's small, even for a single. Why don't you sit

down, I'll be back in a minute."

As he left, Hillary looked around for a place to sit, finding a chair

piled high with clothes and books, the bed, and the floor. Eyeing the bed

nervously, she settled herself on the floor, leaning back against the bed.

Now that her mind had returned to her body, she was once more terrified.

She *knew* she wanted him, oh God how she knew. She just wasn't sure if she

could do it. She was afraid of being laughed at, of doing something wrong...

Rob pushed the door open, carrying with him a bowl filled with

ice-cubes. Opening the door to his small refrigerator, he pulled out a

bottle and settled it in the ice. Going to his closet, he pulled out two

wine glasses and placed them next to the bottle. Then he noticed where

Hillary was sitting. He sighed inwardly, knowing that she was again tense.

He sat down on the bed, next to her, and gently touched her shoulders.

"Hillary, if you want, I'll take you home now."

Hillary shook her head and glanced up at him. "I don't want to go home,"

she said softly, placing her hand on his knee. "I just..." her voice

trailed off as she couldn't think of what she'd meant to say.

"Do you know how beautiful you looked that day on the roof?" Rob

asked softly. Hillary blushed and turned away, wishing he hadn't reminded her

of that day. He caught her chin in his hand and gently turned her to face

him again. "I mean it," he said. "I've dreamed of that, and of you." He

bent to gently kiss her and felt some of the tension ease out of her.

"You have?" Hillary said, not quite believing him.

He chuckled. "Oh yes, I have." He began massaging her shoulders and

felt her start to relax again, leaning into his strong hands as they

caressed and massaged her muscles. "If you sit up here I can do this


Hillary stood, stretching with catlike grace, her breasts straining

against the thin fabric of her blouse, then sat on the bed. Rob motioned

for her to stay put and got up long enough to pop open the bottle of

champagne and pour two glasses. He chuckled again. "If I haven't been

thinking about you, then why would I have had this?"

Hillary shrugged, not used to this kind of flattery. "You could have had

it for someone else entirely," she said softly.

He turned her to face him and set down his glass so he could hold her

properly as he kissed her. "Not for someone else, Hillary. Only for you."

He gently tugged on her shirt, pulling it out from where it was tucked into

her skirt, reaching up under it so he touched the bare skin of her back.

His lips moved over hers as his hands stroked her back, ever so gently

teasing the swells of her breasts as he almost, but not quite, tried to

stroke them.

Hillary felt her breath growing shaky and her mind slipped away leaving

only sensation behind. She was grateful that she was sitting, for it

suddenly seemed as if all her bones had turned to mush, no longer supporting

her body. She giggled slightly, startling Rob, as she thought of one

thing that *definitely* shouldn't have turned to mush...

He drew back when he felt her giggle, and saw a devilish expression in

her eyes. "What is it?" he asked.

She grinned impishly. "I was just thinking how every time you touch

me, its as if I no longer have any bones inside me at all." She reached out

a tentative hand to touch the bulge beneath his pants. "I can't say I do

the same thing to you."

"You most certainly don't!." He pulled her against him as he lay back

on the bed, bringing her to lie on top of him. She ducked her head as he

pulled her shirt over her head in one quick motion. His hands reached up to

touch her breasts, first one nipple, then the other, then cupping one breast

in each hand. He leaned forward to kiss them. "Very nice," he told her

appreciatively. "Almost as good as I dreamed."

"Almost!" Hillary acted without thinking and swiped the pillow from

beneath his head, hitting him soundly with it. "It's not nice to insult the

girl you're trying to seduce."

He distracted her by nibbling on one nipple, teasing it until it grew

hard under his tongue. "No insult intended," he said slowly, between kisses.

Hillary forgot what she had considered an insult, and gave herself up to

the sensations that coursed through her body. Each time his tongue touched

her nipple, it was as if there was a line leading directly to between her

legs, and should could feel herself growing wetter every moment.

As he caressed and kissed her, Rob slid his hands under the back of

her short skirt and began to gently rub her buttocks. "You," he said

softly, "have one hell of a nice ass."

Hillary slipped out from under his hold to lie beside him. She waited a

moment until she had her breathing under control again and commented,

playing with a button on his shirt, "It's not fair, you know. You have me

half undressed already."

Rob stood and quickly stripped, leaving Hillary to stare at his

wonderful body. He grinned down at her. "Well?"

Hillary stood and slowly, seductively, slipped the skirt and panties over

her hips. She then knelt before Rob on the bed, wrapping her arms around

Rob's body. "Nice," she whispered, rubbing her cheek against his chest.

"Very nice." Her hands snaked up around him, until she reached the base of

his neck and wound her fingers through his hair. She tugged gently,

bringing his lips to meet hers as she leaned back, pulling him down on top

of her. Her hands caressed his buttocks as their tongues fenced. Her

breathing grew ragged as Rob rolled over to lie beside her, one hand

lazily tracing a circle around one breast.

"You do have a very nice body," he said softly, his eyes holding

Hillary's captive. She felt as if she were sinking in sensation, her mind

caught by his eyes and by the feeling of his hand as it teased her body.

His hand moved up to gently cup her breast, his thumb lightly brushing

the nipple. "You have very nice breasts," he whispered, as he bent his head

to take the nipple in his mouth. Hillary felt as if shocks coursed through

her as his tongue lightly teased the nipple till it was rigid. Then his

tongue trailed down the side of her breasts, and he nuzzled the hollow

between before moving to gently lick the other nipple until it too was hard.

Hillary found it hard to think, and knew that if he continued much

longer, she wasn't going to be able to hold back. "Rob," she whispered,

her voice barely audible. It was so hard to even think. "Rob, if you

don't stop I'm going to..."

"Good," he interrupted softly. She could almost feel his mouth smile

against her breast. His hand gently drifted down, over her flat stomach,

feeling the muscles jump, until he lightly brushed the dewy wet mound of

curls at the juncture of her legs. He pressed his hand against her, feeling

her press her hips against his palm as she moaned. He slipped one finger

into the warm folds, finding her center of pleasure hidden inside. He

gently rolled it under his finger, his tongue still teasing her nipples,

until she moaned and writhed beneath his hand. He felt her tense, and

quickly moved to capture her lips with his own, pinning her beneath his hard

body as he felt her release with a warm rush against his hand.

Slowly, she relaxed, opening her eyes to see him staring down at her, a

soft, amused expression in his eyes.

She blushed. "You look like you did that day on the roof," she said


"So do you..." he whispered, brushing her lips with his, then moving

to trail lightly down her neck.

She caught her breath, and had to concentrate in order to speak. "You

do look a little different," she said, a soft giggle escaping.

"Oh, really?" He leaned up on his elbow to stare down at her. "How


She ran her hand down his back, then reaching under to caress his

hardness. "Well, you weren't exactly naked on the roof..."

He shuddered as her hand caressed the length of his rigid cock.

"Still, if you'd looked hard enough, you could have seen how much I enjoyed

watching you."

"Oh, did you?" Hillary grinned up at him.

"I will *always* enjoy watching you..." Rob said softly.

Hillary worked her hands up to his chest and pushed softly against him

until he rolled off her and onto his back. "What now?" he asked curiously

as she stared down at him, seeming to devour him with her eyes. He could

feel himself grow hotter even as she stared, not touching him. Then her

hands reached out to lightly brush his chest, and he felt himself tense as

her hands drew close, and then away again, teasing him as she carefully

avoided touching his rod. Then she grinned and bent till she lightly kissed

it on the tip. She turned back to look at him, and saw him watching her

through passion-hooded eyes.

"Are you enjoying yourself still?" she asked teasingly.

Rob nodded, knowing his voice wouldn't work anymore. When it seemed

she had stopped, he tried to make his vocal cords work. His voice came out

as if it hadn't been used in quite a while. "Go ahead, continue what you

were doing."

She cocked her head and smiled at him, brushing her hair back behind

her ears. "Continue what? This?" She lightly brushed her hand across his

chest then across his penis. "Or this?" Tucking her hair behind her ears,

she bent and took him in her mouth. She felt him tense, and heard him moan

as his fingers tangled in her hair, urging her to continue. She stroked his

balls with one hand, while her tongue explored his rod, licking up and down,

then teasing around the sensitive area of the head. She felt his hips began

to move, and his breath grow ragged, and quickly moved back before he could


"Un-unh." She shook her head and wagged a finger at him. "No doing

that until you're inside of me."

Rob grinned. In all his imagining of the past week, he had never had

fantasies of Hillary like this. He reached over and pulled her on top of him,

groaning as he felt her damp mound brush against him. He lifted her hips,

and guiding himself with one hand, quickly plunged inside of her, settling

her against him.

Her eyes widened with surprise as she felt him slide deep inside, then

softened in the pleasure of the feeling. Because of her shyness, she

actually had little experience, and most of it hadn't been terribly

pleasant. But this night was turning out to be one to remember!

Rob waited until it looked as if Hillary had relaxed again, then slowly

started to move. She sat back, her breasts thrust foreward against Rob's

palms, as he massaged her nipples. Her hips moved, drawing away from him,

then back close, driving him deeper inside her each time. His hands dropped

to her waist, moving to caress her buttocks, then sliding to the front, to

where he could feel himself entering her. He again found her pleasure

button and massaged it gently. He could feel himself nearing the edge, but

was determined to wait for Hillary.

Hillary felt the heat gathering between her legs. Her breath came in

short gasps each time she felt Rob's hands touch her. He grasped her

hips, pulling her hard against him, driving deeper and deeper inside of her,

until she felt her world suddenly explode. A cry was ripped from her, and

she felt herself collapse against Rob's chest.

As Hillary cried out, Rob thrust deep inside her, feeling his cock

burst, filling her with warm fluids as she collapsed into his arms.

When she came back to reality, she felt Rob's arms around her, warm

and comforting against her back. Her eyes flickered open to meet Rob's.

She saw a mixed expression in his eyes, one of wonder and surprise and

gratitude, and she felt that this was mirrored in her own expression. She

reached to kiss him lightly, softly, until the kiss grew warmer and deeper.

When she drew back, he was grinning at her.

"What?" she asked, positive that he was thinking of saying something.

"I should meet more women on the roof," he grinned.

She hit him lightly on the shoulder. "Meanie!" She grinned back at

him. "I guess that means I'll just have to sunbathe on the roof again


Rob slowly ran his hands down her back. "When you do, how'd you like

some company? I know this nice, out of the way rooftop, where *no one* ever


Hillary smiled at him. "It's a date." She yawned, covering her mouth in

surprise. "I think you wore me out!"

Rob pulled her back against him, sliding her off of him until she lay

curled against his body in the crook of his arm. He nuzzled the side of her

neck, whispering, "Go to sleep, Hillary. And dream sweet dreams. And when

you wake up, I'll still be here."

He watched as Hillary smiled and whispered, "I'm glad." Then with

another yawn, she closed her eyes. He settled in next to her, holding her

tight between his arms. She felt nice there. Gently rubbing her back until

she fell asleep, he thought about how he would be there when she woke up in

the morning -- and what he would do when she woke up -- until he fell asleep

with a smile on his face.




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