Double-Dong Darling

My name in Martha. I'm 43, divorced, I have two grown kids who are out on their own. I won't go into the specifics of how and why I became a lesbian. Just a couple of years ago I got involved with a woman who teaches science and biology at a local school. One thing led to another and one night she asked me over for dinner and afterward we proceeded to get drunk and I started telling her how long it had been since I'd been fucked. I got hot and horny talking about sex and finally Carol excused herself and when she came back a few minutes later she was wearing a robe. "Martha, I can take care of your problem, if you want me to." "How?" "With this." She opened the robe and she was totally naked. Her breasts sagged a little but what drew my attention was the large Mulatto-colored dildo that stuck out from her brown pubic curls. I was too drunk and too horny to be repulsed or offended. Carol took my silence as assent and the robe slipped to the floor as she walked to where I sat, watching that big beauty nodding as she walked. She stood next to me, that dick just inches away from me. "Do you want it?" Carol whispered. I took that dong in my hand and kissed the soft/hard knob. Carol pushed it into my mouth and reached down and roughly started feeling my boobs through my dress. Then she pulled me to my feet, led me to her bed, removed my clothes and started loving my tits with her tongue. I laid on my back and Carol kept her mouth attached to my left nipple as she worked herself between my legs and prodded my cunt entrance with that brown dildo. Raising her head, the look on her face was one of sexual power, raw lust and command. "I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before," she told me. I believed her. "Fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours, Carol. Fuck me forever. Well, she didn't fuck me forever, of course, but she did fuck me for almost two hours and made me come several times. My husband had never fucked me to climax (he'd always shoot his load and go soft after five minutes or so) but "Nathan" (that's what Carol called the light brown prick) never went soft. She fell asleep on top of me (we were too exhausted to move) and I slept with Nathan's solid eight inches in my vagina. We awoke, showered, then I strapped on the engine and fucked hell out of her pussy. No, I'd never done it before but I'm a fast learner and I had Carol begging me to stop. Well, Carol eventually moved in with me and we got along great. My daughter wasn't thrilled with my newly-realized sexual orientation, but she didn't make a fuss. My son seemed unconcerned, but his wife was a different story. Susan was 22, had short, black hair, and start ed stopping by to chat after night school on Wednesdays. She soon confessed why. It seems she had been "involved" before she met and married my son. Her lover, she told me in confidence, had been a woman who lived next door, was married and had been fifteen years older than Susan. ""I've never told this to anyone," Susan said. "I've wanted to tell someone, but I was afraid. I thought you might understand. " I did and I assured her it didn't change the way I felt about having her as my daughter-in-law, as long as she loved my son. She assured me she did and she left. Over the next several weeks, Susan told me many intimate details about her affair with the woman, and I do mean details. Even I got excited and turned on by some of her accounts. Susan even invited Carol to hear how the neighbor had deflowered Susan with a dildo, a story which had us all turned on. That's when Susan surprised me. "Martha, would you be offended if I told you I wanted to make love with you and Carol?" I looked at Carol, not knowing what to say, completely at a loss for words. Carol was as stunned as I was and neither of us knew what to do or say or how to respond. "Oh, no," Susan said, jumping to her feet, a look of shame and regret crossing her face. "What have I done?" I rushed to her and put my arms around her. "It's okay, Susan," I assured her. "I'm not angry. Flattered, surprised, but not angry." Her firm breasts, braless and round, pressed against me as we hugged. Without speaking, without thinking, I lifted her chin and kissed her, a soft, tender kiss that quickly became heated and passionate as Susan's tongue sought and found mine. Our hands roamed freely and our mouths tried to consume each other. It was Carol who brought us back to reality. "Hey, you two, I want in on this." Susan and I broke our kiss and then laughed nervously. Susan and I agreed not to tell my son (her husband) and the three of us headed for the bedroom. How can I describe what it's like making love to your daughter-in-law? Strange? Exotic? Romantic? Unusual? That and more. I felt no shame, no regret. I ate Susan's sweet snatch and she ate mine as Carol fucked her with Nathan. Susan was a pussy eater, all right. She was almost as good as Carol. I pulled out our doubleheaded dildo, an eighteen inch latex engineering wonder. With half of it in me and the other half in Susan, we made wild, passionate love. I fucked my own daughter- in-law. Carol fucked my daughter-in-law while I ate her delicious young cunt. It excited me to no end to know that I was fucking and sucking the same luscious pussy my son fucked. (Susan told me that my son wouldn't eat her. 'Like father, like son,' I guess. Susan's pussy tasted marvelous and quite juicy and Susan was an accomplished cunt eater herself. I brought out the 18-inch double-headed dildo Carol and I had in our arsenal of sex toys and my daughter-in-law fucked each other well. In a nutshell, Carol and I are still very much in love. Susan is an added dimension in our lives. She is still very much in love with my son and it isn't like she was cheating on him. She and I share something my son can't offer so she isn't denying him affection and even enjoys sex with him even more. Susan and I are closer than most in-laws, I guess. Very close. Martha, Address Withheld Sap Sucker I'm 50, female, and constantly horny. I guess I'm a nymphomaniac. I have to have something in my cunt during almost every waking moment. I usually fuck myself with huge dong before I can fall asleep and I sleep with the thing stuffed in my hole. I also have another vice, which is why I live near a college. I love to suck cock and swallow cum. It's taken me a few years but I'm well-known in the fraternities and men's dorms on the campus. A weekend doesn't pass that I'm not part of some party somewhere, sucking and fucking frat boys or helping celebrate something or other by taking on a bunch of studs. I love eating the virile cum from some college boy, all fresh-tasting, thick and creamy. I especially love to give freshmen their first blowjob. I should say blowjobs because these young men are usually so excited that they come fast but stay hard for a follow-up suck. Take last weekend was a big thrill, for instance. I was invited to a party where there were about 50 guys. Oh, I have one strict rule: NO drugs of any kind. No alcohol, no cigarettes, either. Alcohol makes cum taste awful and drunks have a tough time getting it up and off. So all the guys were hard and raring to go. I was in a room with a big bed and I felt like doing it all, so I said I said I wanted the guys with the biggest dicks to prong my ass and cunt and I'd suck off the rest. Turns out the biggest prong there was a fat ten inches that belonged to a tall, skinny guy. I sat on one prick that tickled my pussy with eight inches of meat while the thin man packed my shit chute. Then I started sucking cocks, short ones, thin ones, long, fat, circumcised, uncircumcised, smooth skinned or vein-covered, white, black, Oriental, and each one offered a tasty helping of joy juice. I also hang out at the local theaters and the adult stores, but I still only mess with the young men, mainly because it's less likely they'll have some disease which I definitely don't need. My liquid high-protein intake keeps my figure trim, exercise in and out of bed keeps me in shape. I love sperm so much that I even eat it fresh from a just-fucked cunt. I sometimes get called to visit Donna, a 30-year old who loves fucking almost as much as I do. She loves being eaten out after she's been fucked and I love the special flavor of the mix of her sauce and some young stud's spunk. Donna is a tutor for the campus jocks and has the pick of the cream(s) of the crop, so I get to eat some prime stud seed from her gash. Then Donna fucks me with a knobby fake cock she has till I get my cookies. She won't eat me, but I don't mind. I guess I'm a whore because I do take money for what I do. Cash. A typical party can mean several hundred bucks, plus my various other encounters brings in a sizeable income. But being the widow of an investment banker, I certainly don't need the income. Hell, I'd do it for free. I usually give the money to anti-censorship causes, AIDS research and the like. Sex should be fun for everyone.




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