When I moved out to San Diego from New Jersey, I was a bit dazed at the differences. People were different, the climate was different... it was a little "Twilight Zonish"! I found a nice apartment in a typical San Diego complex: three stories with balconies around a pool. I thought the pool was just the lap of luxury, being used to trotting down to the Y back in New Jersey. All in all, I was basically happy... except that I missed my old friends. I was getting to know some people at work, but I was lonely.

My job as a waitress gave me plenty of time to sunbathe. Most of the people in my building worked when I was off and I usually had the pool to myself. One day a few months after I moved in, I was lying on my stomach with my bikini top untied to avoid that annoying line in my tan. Hearing footsteps shuffling across the pool side, I turned my head to see a pair of very tan feet woman's feet standing near my head. My eyes traveled up the longest pair of legs I had ever seen until they reached a tiny pink string bikini bottom wrapped around an absolutely perfect ass. This woman was tan, real tan, not my New Jerseywanna-be. "Hello, you must be new here?," she asked. "I'm Bethany. Welcome." "I've been here few months," I explained. "Have you been away?" She sat down on the lounge chair next to me. I got a good look at her chest, the little triangles of fabric barely covering her huge breasts. Her blonde hair was in bangs, although it wasn't a childish cut. Everything about her said maturity and I felt just like some dumb kid in her presence. She pulled out some oil and began rubbing it on her arms and shoulders. "For a little while. I was . . . busy." A far away look came over her face. I wasn't about to pry. "Would you like some oil? A . . . friend gets it for me from Europe." She held the bottle toward me and made rubbing motions with her other hand. It looked expensive, so I said yes. She got off the lounger and knelt down next to me. I felt a few drops hit my back as she tilted the bottle. "You'll like this." She seemed pretty certain. As she spread the oil over my back, I found I didn't mind her touching me. As a sensualist I've accepted all sorts of attentions to feel good. From men only, of course. But this was very pleasant. Her hand gently kneaded my smooth flesh as she spread the slick liquid. Occasionally she'd dip down my side to get some on my front. Her fingers touched the sides of my breasts just a little longer than necessary. My nipples hardened at the caresses and I started to get a little wet in the pussy. I'm no lesbian, but this woman had great hands. Every touch became electric. She poured more oil and went way down my back to the top of my bikini bottom. "You have a lovely ass," she said and began going a little under my suit with her fingers. "Don't worry. This won't stain. We can always take your bottom off if you're afraid." Her hand became more insistent. The heat and the rubbing had made me drift off and I heard myself say, "That's OK. Just keep touching me the way you are."

I could feel her middle finger in my ass crack. By now, there was no pretense of this being just a friendly oiling. My pussy was dripping with juice and she was breathing hard. The finger in my crack went lower and deeper. Finally she made contact with my asshole and teased the little ridge until I had to say, "Maybe we should go inside and finish this?" "I do believe you're right," she replied in that dusky voice of hers. She tied the top of my bathing suit for me, pulling the strings so tight my breasts almost hurt. We gathered up our stuff. Then I had to ask her: "Your place or mine?" I'd never said that before to a woman. "Let's go to mine," she said, "It's probably better . . . equipped." This was the first time she'd seen me standing up and her eyes traveled all over my body, taking in my flawless skin, tight butt and C-cup breasts. Her apartment was on the second floor. As I followed her up the stairs, my eyes were drawn to her ass. It was absolutely flawless, the cheeks round and firm. Little blonde downy hairs covered the backs of her thighs. I knew that I would get to stroke them before this afternoon was over.

When we got to her door she turned and said, "You don't have to come in, you know." "I want to," I answered. Something drew me to her. I had to see where this was going. We got into the apartment and she threw her stuff on a beautiful hardwood table near the door. Luxury was written all over the room. My place was such a dump compared to this. I was glad we had come here. "What's your name?" The question startled me. I realized I hadn't said it before. "Danielle." I left me mouth open on the final vowel so she could see my tongue and the little drop of spit I had put on it. She stared into my eyes with this piercing look and walked toward me. Putting her hands on my shoulders she pulled me close to her and kissed me. Her tongue went into my mouth and swirled around in there. The flesh was hot as she explored every inch of my mouth, running her tongue between my cheeks and gum. This was so fucking exciting. I hugged her and kissed her back. We stood here for minutes, our tongues battling away. Our bathing suits exposed a lot of flesh. So we rubbed our legs, our stomachs, our arms and our breasts against each other, unable to get enough of touching our skin together.

She reached behind me and undid the strings of my top. My breasts, now with nipples of steel, fell out of the cloth. Gently she rubbed the palms of her hands over them. The sensations went right to my pussy and I became extremely wet. I had to wonder if she could smell me. The handwork on my tits became stronger, kneading them, pulling them, pushing them together. At one point she had my nipples touching and she bent over and sucked them both into her mouth. Up to now she had been the aggressor, but this act drove me crazy and I needed some of her, too. I reached around her back and undid her top. Her breast were somewhat larger than mine, although I had bigger aureoles. I reciprocated the nipple sucks, using my tongue to wiggle her pointy tips as I held them gently between my teeth. This worked wonders on her, according to the moans she was making. Under her breath I could hear her saying "suck" and that's what I did. She dropped to her knees in front of me and began licking my stomach. With her hands she started to inch my bikini bottoms down, covering each newly exposed area with tongue kisses. I knew she'd have to get to my cunt soon. She surprised me when she turned me around and began licking my ass crack. The bikini still covered the bottom part of my cheeks. Then with her mouth only she pushed the cloth below my butt. Her tongue made long strokes up the crack, almost but not quite touching my asshole. When this was about to get too unbearable she pulled the bikini bottom to the floor and helped me step out of it. "Lean forward on the table. Rest your hands on it so I can get your ass apart." I did what Bethany said, figuring my asshole was in for a good time. She didn't disappoint me. As she spread my cheeks with her hand, her tongue made contact with my anal ridge, the little volcano I shit from. She burrowed like a pig looking for truffles. It was incredible. The little ass touches she had given me before were nothing compared to this lingual assault. Bethany machine-gunned her tongue up my asshole, moving it as fast as a vibrator. When her face was far enough up my butt that it wasn't about to come out, she let go of my ass cheeks and started playing with my pussy, tickling me on either side of my abundant bush. The fingertips trailed up and down, slowly moving closer to my swollen pussy lips. Bethany was driving me crazy with her cunt skills. No man would have taken so long before going in on the clit.

When she went for the cum, I was ready. Every part of my brain screamed, "Let her make you cum!" With one hand Bethany held open my pussy lips. With the other she beat a tattoo on my clitty that started a huge series of orgasms. Between the tongue up my asshole and the fingers in my cunt, my whole bottom felt like it was on fire. The cumming started. From deep inside my guts, a rocket blasted off taking me somewhere I had only dreamed of going. This woman, someone of my own sex, was getting me off like I had never gotten off before. I started to buck and scream. "I'm coming! Suck my ass! Suck me! Oooh! Oooh! Oooooooooh" She pushed on my asshole and cunt, as if she were trying to bring them together. It hurt, but it felt good. She hung on to my twisting, shaking body, never letting her tongue out of my bunghole or taking her fingers off my cunt. One, two, three massive orgasms rocked me. A series of aftershocks kept me helpless in this beautiful woman's grip. Finally it was over and together we sunk to the thickly carpeted floor. She brought her face to mine and started kissing me. I could taste my asshole on her mouth but I didn't care. Kissing her in the warm afterglow of my cums seemed the right thing to do. We held each other tight and she whispered into my ear: "Oh, Danielle, I loved sucking your asshole. I loved shoving my tongue up right where your shit comes out. Aren't I nasty? Aren't I a filthy ass-sucking whore?"

I was savvy enough to realize that she got off on verbal abuse. After the wonderful way she had made me feel, there would be no problem doing what she wanted. Absolute filth, shocking even me, poured out of my mouth. "Bethany, your tongue was made to suck out my asshole. It's what you were born for. I want to spend the rest of my life with you up there, licking me, keeping me clean after I shit." She started to twitch and I knew I was on the right track. I put my hand on her soaking wet pussy and rubbed the outside of her lips. With closed eyes, she made purring noises as I began my finger fuck of her cunt. "You need to suck asshole. I bet you've sucked a thousand assholes, smelled the shit of a thousand whores as you cleaned them out. Haven't you?" "Yes. yes. That's why you never saw me until today. I was in Europe with a friend of mine, the one who gave me the oil. She knows about me, what I need and she knows plenty of women who need what I do. Danielle, you don't think I'm bad, do you?" It was a hell of a question. Bethany was one of the most depraved women I had ever met. But she had converted me into a tongue receptacle and I didn't want to hurt her. "Oh, no. I love what you do. Being rimmed by your sweet tongue made me feel better that anything else. I could never think you're bad for wanting to suck out assholes." She held my tight and pressed her face into my shoulder. I wanted to make her feel good, so I brushed my fingertips up and down her back. We kissed again, this time with so much tenderness I wanted to cry. Her breasts attracted my hands and I toyed with the fullness of her fleshy mams. "Help me cum, Danielle." She said this in a whisper that I could barely hear. "What do you want me to do?" She could be into anything to get off. This might be the most interesting or the sickest experience of my life. "Let's go into the bedroom." As we got up off the floor she smiled at me. I could tell she really liked me a lot. Never having has this kind of attention from a woman before, I was a little put off, but so far everything had felt so good.

Her bedroom was as well-decorated as the rest of the apartment. We sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes and made out some more. I loved kissing her. Without the harsh stubble most men have, a mouth can be so soft. Our hands kept running up each other's bodies, gently caressing all our secret, warm places. When she could sense that I was ready, she helped me get into the middle of the bed. "My sweet baby, I want you to fuck me." The hiss at the beginning of the word fuck was the dirtiest thing I had ever heard. "How?," I asked, although it didn't matter. "With this." And she slid open a panel in the headboard and took out a huge rubber strap-on cock. It looked like a joke. No human being has any hole that could take in that monster. "You must be kidding. Where the hell is that supposed to go?" She paused a second and said, "Into my asshole." This couldn't be happening. If I tried to put that in her butt, they'd arrest me for murder. I told her I couldn't do it. "But didn't I suck your asshole for you. Didn't I make you feel good, huh?" The little girl voice she put on melted some of my reserve. Bethany needed me and even though we had just met I felt some kind of obligation to help her. Besides, this might be fun. "Well, how do we do this?" I asked. In for a penny, in for a pound. "Well, first we take this dildo . . ."

A few minutes later I found myself kneeling over her butt, which was propped up on some pillows. Bethany had lubed up her asshole with some Vaseline and most of her fingers. It had been a fascinating process and one she had obviously done a million times before. After strapping the preposterous prick around my waist, she got us into position on the bed. I still didn't see how this monster was going to fit up her asshole, but she kept insisting that it would. "Just press it up against my hole, darling, and lean in." I put my hands on her ass cheeks and did what she said. The extensive lubing she had given her bung included practically shoving her whole hand up there, so maybe this would work. I pushed. She moaned. With the curtains closed the light was so dim I really couldn't see what was happening. I kept up a steady pressure like she told me to and her ass did appear to be getting closer. The strap for the cock held it to me so tightly that it was like I had my own penis. The end of the cock pressed up against my pussy and so whatever I did to her was returned to me. Only my whole ass wasn't being ripped apart the way hers was being abused. "Keep pushing. Don't stop!" Bethany wanted this thing bad. As more huge rubber cock went up her asshole I had to move my hands farther up her back to keep my balance. I could feel myself squeezing her flesh hard to hold on. "More, more. Give me more. Fill me up!" She could hardly talk. This big dick must have been killing her. I couldn't believe how much cock was inside now and there still was a whole lot left to go. I continued my pressure, slowly easing the monster penis deeper. What a feeling of power this was giving me. I had a cock. Imagine that. Sweet Danielle Hatcher with a huge pecker between her legs. Not that I hadn't had many a big boner up my snatch, but to have one sticking out - this was too much!

My hips was almost touching her buttocks. Where was this rubber dick going? Bowels couldn't be that big, could they? Bethany made incoherent noises like she was choking. Maybe the dick was coming out her mouth. My own clitty was being highly stimulated by the pressure of the big whang. How long until I came? "Fuck me now!" I could sense the effort it took her to say that simple phrase. Well, if she wanted to be fucked, I was ready. I began sawing the latex lover in and out of her butthole. Slowly at first, a few inches at a time, then faster and faster. "More! Harder! Please, fuck me!" Bethany became an animal. No matter how hard and fast I abused her asshole with that big rubber dick she wanted more. I turned into a mad woman, fucking her, piercing her, trying to hurt her. I wanted her to say stop but she never did. I had been raped when I was 17 by a guy on the football team at my high school. I still remember the demented look in his eyes and the way he bucked up and down trying to fill my virgin cunt with his scum. That's what I was like now, only I didn't have any cum to shoot into Bethany's bowels. I wish I did. I wanted to be a man and fill her with my sperm. I wanted to come in her ass. Even the powerful air-conditioner couldn't stop the sweat that poured from each of us. Whenever our bodies touched and sep'arated, there would be a squishy sound. We were lost in depravity and I loved it. I fucked her over and over and still she wanted more. "Danielle, Danielle," she moaned repeatedly. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted. The end of the dick against my clit, her packed bowels being rammed by a cock the size of my arm, everything caught up with us at once and we came together screaming, screeching, howling like the primeval creatures that perverted sex had made us. I collapsed on top of her, bending the prick out of her ass as I did. It popped, like putting a finger in your cheek and making that sound. She grabbed my head and we tongue kissed like maniacs, unwilling to break the bond between us. Bethany filled her mouth with saliva, then passed it to me. I added my own spit to the mess and we squirted our oral juices back and forth, trying to be as intimate, as close as possible. "That was incredible," Bethany whispered after swallowing down the liquid we had made with our mouths. "No one has ever gotten into it the way you did. I thought that dildo was going to come out my ears, it was up so far." She gently unstrapped the Godzilla cock from my hips. It was covered with slime and shit and even a little blood. I was amazed her liver hadn't been speared like meat on a shish-kabob. This was one tough lady with a set of iron guts. "Danielle," she said, getting serious. "I need you in my life. I have to have you with me all the time. Please stay with me. Please." Bethany stroked my hair as she spoke. This was one offer I couldn't refuse. I was eventually accepted into every aspect of her twisted life and now we live together in bowel bliss. I may never need be with a man again.

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